Thursday, December 4, 2008

MHR Inspiration #1

I've got to admit, this whole coming up with a prompt idea has been very challenging for me. I have also very much enjoyed searching the web for various articles and quotes about marriage!

I also wanted to reiterate a couple of things about the prompt ideas.

1) Writing to the prompt is not required. We are not really all about adding more rules and regulations, lol!

2) Writing to the prompt is not a reflection of trouble in your marriage. Anyone who is honest with themselves would agree that marriage is not always easy, and as such, creating a weekly post about the object of your affection, and sometimes frustration, can be difficult as well. The purpose of having the prompts, articles, and quotes in these posts is to help us to think about our spouses from a positive perspective - even when we don't feel like it.


I was very convicted by this article, and it makes me seriously evaluate the way my small, seemingly insignificant actions communicate the love of Christ (or not) to Austin, and to those who witness the way we relate to each other.

Does Your Spouse See Jesus In You?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Prompt/Theme for Friday, December 5, 2008:

How did you meet your spouse? What initially attracted you to your spouse? How does that personality trait or physical characteristic affect you today? What is the same? What has changed?


I also wanted to let you all in on something that Austin and I have been throwing around for a couple of months.

I am crazy excited about it, so you are going to want to pay close attention . . .

Are you listening?

My Husband Rocks! Retreat!!!

Am I the only one excited by this, or is this something you would all be interested in?

Like I said, it is only in the idea stages right now, but if we have some interest in it, I will pursue it very seriously.

One factor that Austin wanted me to ask about specifically was cost. With the state of the economy in which we find ourselves, he was wondering what would be feasible cost wise per couple? In my brain, what we're planning includes lodging, food, and the retreat itself.


Doesn't that look nice? Anyone want to go to Colorado?


  1. YAY for the first prompt! I can't wait to start writing..... I've been kinda MIA in the MHR arena for a couple of weeks. OOPS!

    I remember you saying something a while back about a retreat. I think it's a FAB idea, and I'm completely on board... as long as it doesn't cost a bundle.... maybe under $300 we could do.

  2. I like the first prompt! And YES, I live in COLORADO!!! :)

  3. Boy, I would love to go to Colorado, but I can't imagine spending the money - we live in PA! :( I love the idea though!

  4. Looks great and we live in Colorado! Date and place?

  5. Hi. I'd like to be on your list of MHR participants. Thanks!

  6. That is a great idea. Where is that place? I want a house like that. :) Maybe whenI have a husband that rocks we can come to your retreat if you have more. Hugs, Amy


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