Monday, June 15, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Birthday Bash Extravaganza!!!!!


Woo hoo! Today is the day, the official kick off of our ~ My Husband Rocks! ~ 1st Birthday Bash! I am sooooooooooooo excited! The actual birthday was Saturday, June 13th, but I decided that one measley day was not enough of a celebration, wo sere gonna do this as a week-long blow-out!

Can you believe it's already been a year! When we first started MHRF I didn't really know if it owuld catch on, but now we're 184 bloggers strong, and we have partnerships with some phenomenal people! Union28, Love, Actually, and!!! Thank you all!!! And a BIG thank you to all of our giveaway sponsors: hopeink, juicychristians, Define Your Space, 3 Lambs Graphics, and Daydream Studios!!!

My goal for this week is to focus on the main purpose of ~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Fridays. The reasons why we keep writing week after week, Friday after Friday, blogging all the reasons - from the seemingly silly to the passionate and poignant.

For those of you who haven't already reached this conclusion: MHRF isn't really for our husbands, not entirely anyway. Sure, our hubbies do love to hear about why we love them, and why we think they're incredible, but at the core of it all, the heart issue, is just that. A heart issue. The real point of all of this is learning to control our all-to-human proopensity to pick out and dwell up on the negatives, and choose instead to focus on the good, those things which caused us to fall in love in the first place, and that keep us falling in love all over and over again.

On top of revisiting this mystery of marriage and God-given gift of love and commitment, we're going to enjoy some very talented guest-bloggers, and a giveaway a day for the next five days!

How's that for a party?!?!!?!

Here's the button code:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Post the button on your sidebar AND write a post announcing the birthday bash, linking back here, and you're automatically entered (once) in each giveaway!!!

Be sure to come back every day to see all the fabulous prizes and party on with all of us! We're talking multiple posts per day, so check in early, check in often! There are going to be lots of other ways to get entries!!!

Happy Birthday!


  1. I have copied the button and posted about it! Can't wait for all the fun!

  2. I added a post on my blog and the button linking back :)

  3. Button posted AND blogged about this fab fun giveaway, lol!

  4. I have posted about this event and added the button! Happy Birthday!

  5. Congrats on your 1 year! My blog is turning 2 soon, and I've got a week long party planned too! How fun! =)


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