Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Acts Chapter 1

I have been studying the book of Acts for the last few weeks, and I was reviewing my notes from chapter 1 this morning. These are just my thoughts. I don't claim to be a great scholar or teacher, so please take this for what it's worth :)

Acts 1:12-24

v. 14 - "They all joined together constantly in prayer..."

This had to be such an incredible, but confusing the past month and a half, the disciples have had the most extreme highs and lows. They went from Jesus's triumphal entry (probably thinking that NOW was the time for their Messiah to take His rightful place as King), to the last supper - intense teaching and relational time with Jesus - to having one of their own, the most-trusted treasurer no less, utterly betray their Rabbi. Christ's trial, Peter's denial, the agony of the crucifixion, three days of the most crushing despair and confusion (how could this man, their Messiah, have come to his end so violently and abruptly?) and fear (if this is how the leaders of the day had dealt with their leader, what was planned for the rest of them?) Then, miracle of miracles - literally - He's ALIVE!!!!!

Now they're more convinced than ever that the time has come for the Kingdom! They go through 40 INTENSE days of teaching and simply being with their Lord. In verse six they come right out and ask, "Is it time? Will you now restore the kingdom?" Christ informs them of the massive task they have in front of the (v. 7 " the ends of the earth.") No sooner has He said this than He's gone. Again. Except this time His departure is spectacular and mind-boggling. So stupefying that they're all standing around staring up at the sky until two angels literally have to stand "beside them" (v. 10) and say, "Why are you still looking up? Don't you remember? There's still so much to do down here! But don't worry, Jesus will come back just the same way you saw Him go!" paraphrase ( I don't know about you, but at that point I'd be pretty tempted to set up shop right there on the top of that mountain and keep an eye on the sky for the rest of my days!) They obediently go back to Jerusalem and "join together constantly in prayer."

I'm consistently amazed and encouraged by the incredible catalytic power the commonality of Christ provides for building relationships between believers all over the world, and what a blessing that has been for me and Austin throughout our travels. But this had to be so cosmically intense! After everything that had transpired over the previous three years, and especially the last 40 days - WOW!

God is good! Have a great Wednesday!

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