Friday, February 4, 2011

Just the facts . . .

Hello blog land!

I've missed you! Really, I have! I know I have been sporadic at best and MIA at worst for most of the last year, but not without good cause! I'm working on a series of post to explain my absence and everything that occurred between right now and December-ish of 2009 (wow, that's a long time), but for now I thought I'd get everyone up to speed with the who's, what's, why's & wherefore's :)

1. I'm still Katy Lin, still married to my crazy, amazing, handsome hubby Austin.

2. We live in Germany now.

3. We are missionaries with Club Beyond/Military Community Youth Ministries. Austin is working as associate staff, and I'm the International office admin at their international service center.

4. God is good.

Hope you're all doing well! Chat at ya again soon!

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  1. Hey Katy Lin! I'm so glad to catch a post! I'm so glad y'all are doing well. I can't wait to hear more! : )


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