Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book Review: Prague Counterpoint by Bodie Thoene

Prague Counterpoint (Zion Covenant, Book 2)

Okay, so I am LOVING this series, and I'm bummed that I had to leave it back in Iowa :S I think the fact that I read both Prague Counterpoint (Zion Covenant, Book 2) and Vienna Prelude (Zion Covenant, Book 1) in less than a week should indicate how great these books are! (And it was a busy week at that, lol!)

This installment in the Zion Covenant series covers the period of history right after the Anschluss of Germany and Austria and before the invasion of Czechoslovakia. Although this is a dramatic and compelling time of history in and of itself, Prague Counterpoint (Zion Covenant, Book 2) kept me turning pages into the wee hours of the morning! Again, Thoene weaves an intricate and engrossing plot in the midst of fascinating and accurate historic, political drama!

The book itself belonged to the church library, so it had to be left in Iowa, so I do not have any "favorite quotes" for this review, but there were many!

I am so excited to keep going with this series, and I'm thrilled that the third book in the series, Munich Signature (Zion Covenant), is available for the Kindle, so I'll be able to read it on the road! :)

What's on your summer reading list?

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