Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: mud puddle and awesome campfire


If you remember, in this post I described the situation that led to the picture above:

"The place we ended up camping for the rest of the weekend belonged to some friends who were also camping out, and who just happened to have several horses and mules and donkeys, so we all got to go riding! The last time Hoss & I went riding was on our honeymoon in September, and it's an activity that we both really enjoy, so it was a nice surprise addition to our already fun weekend! The donkey that I was riding was older and not too keen on getting his feet wet, so he sidestepped each puddle, which wasn't that big of a deal except that it had been very rainy the week before, so there were puddles that took up the entire width of the trail. One of these trail-wide puddles was on a portion of the trail that was surrounded by trees. In his attempt to sidestep this particular puddle, he had to cross under some branches that were tall enough for him to get under, but not tall enough for the both of us to get under. Long story short, I ended up in the puddle!"

Another fun feature of that camping trip was the rainbow campfire:


This phenomenon occurs when you throw strings of colored Christmas lights onto the fire. I know that this is probably really environmentally terrible, but it looks really cool! All in all, a fun weekend with some great friends!

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  1. That's a cute picture, at least you are smiling! :)
    I think they sell fire logs that put off multicolored flames, might be a little safer next time, hee hee. I am thinking about glass popping out from the fire, could be dangerous. :) (The mom is coming out in me, lol)

  2. Well at least you can look on the bright side the donkey was just as muddy as! Yes the fire is very pretty. I never knew christmas light would do that when thrown into a fire. We have a lot of bonfires for the kids in our "back yard" this time of year. I know my son would be more than willing to try this if he knew about it.


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