Friday, October 17, 2008

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Spiritual Leader

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Austin is so great. I'm sure you all know that by now, but I mean, he really is just truly wonderful. Recently, I have been really struggling with my current job. The environment there has become very negative, and it is very draining to have to work in that kind of environment every day, so I have been very discouraged and had a pretty bad attitude about having to go back every day.

In the midst of this, Austin has been encouraging me with Colossians 3:23:

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,"

Now, this is not exactly the message I wanted. But it is without a doubt the message I needed. Austin, who is wise beyond his years, knows that my negative attitude only makes me feel worse about the situation, and adversely affects my performance which will not help my chances for finding a new position within a different department.

I am so thankful that God has put us together, and that Austin is allowing God to use him as the spiritual leader of our home.

Another reason why my husband rocks? He can fix ANYTHING - seriously - from computers to broken doors to a fabulous little radiator-style space heater that I found while curb-shopping last week. We could not get the blasted thing to work, so last night while we were hanging out watching some TV Austin took the whole thing apart, and fixed the mechanism that kept kicking it off. The rest of our evening was spent luxuriating in the fabulous warmth of our good-as-new space heater.

Isn't he awesome!??!?!?


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Thanks for reading everybody! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Here is my entry for the week:

    I love reading about everyone's wonderful hubbies!

    That is so great that your hubby is a good spiritual leader for you. There are so many men out there that shy away from that responsibility!

  2. I've done a My Husband Rocks post. Thanks for hosting it.

  3. What an great encouragement that verse is! I love when husbands edify their wives with scripture, gently and lovingly. And how wonderful that he is so handy!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. You know what? That's exactly the verse that I told my husband when he was in a negative work place. It's hard, and I know it was hard on my husband, too. I do hope you find the strength to withstand the negativity OR (God willing) find a new job that you love.

    AND I was reading your profile & you said you were trying to wait 5 years before kids...good luck. That was our plan, too. We made it 3 months before getting pregnant...on birth control. Sorry I just really love telling that story to newlywed people to freak em out! ha!

  5. I love that scripture - I think we could all use a little encouragement from that. Tell him thanks from us, too :)

    Here's my little bit:

  6. I posted mine

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. He is AWESOME! What a wonderful verse. I think I may put that verse up on my desk. Thank you for sharing:)

  8. Praise God for those men who are the Spiritual head of the home as Christ commands them to be, and for you to have such a submissive spirit to allow him to be. I hear of women say, "He may be the head, but I'm the neck that turns the head." I don't believe the Lord is pleased with this attitude. You are to be commended Miss Kaity Lin!


  9. YEAH!!! It is sooooooooo amazingly awesome to be able to share encouraging stories about my love for my rockin hubby with other women who also have rockin hubbies!! YEAH!
    My very first entry in this is here!

  10. I'm participating this week HERE.

    I have a great fix-it guy, too; isn't it handy? ;-)

  11. Having a husband who points you to the Truth is priceless! Handy is just gravy. :)

    Here's my rockin' husband post. :)

  12. Mypost is up.

    Getting a free space heater....$0.00!
    Having hubby be able to fix it...$0.00!
    Hubby being the spiritual leader in the home? PRICELESS!!

  13. Having a supportive mate makes all the difference in the world.

  14. I love Amy's comment! I'm so thankful that my husband is our spiritual leader, too, even when I don't want him to be! : )

    And, he can fix anything, too! He enjoys working with his hands in his spare time (when he has any!) since he works in an office all day.

  15. Brains, brawn, heart and soul -- what a catch!

  16. What a great post! So happy to hear you can see how wonderful your husband is. Too many people look for the problems rather than enjoying the great things about their spouse! Congratulations on having such a wonderful hubby!

    by the way I launched my coffee site today, open and ready for orders :) If you want to check it out go to

    Also, we are doing GIVEAWAYS for the rest of this month. To enter visit :)

    Have an awesome weekend!


  17. You should know you are not alone in your struggle with your job. I thank you and your husband for the scripture. My husband asked me for my thoughts re. his job today and I didn't know what to say as I've felt his same frustrations while working in healthcare. The scripture you provided was perfect and I am thankful you posted this today. All I can think is...we need to be thankful for the jobs we have as at least we have them in this difficult time. Last year my husband had just lost his. Would be harder to find one this year with the current economy.

  18. You really are a very lucky woman. My husband is agnostic, and as a very spiritual woman that can be a real chalange at times.

    Be sure to tell Austun how awesome he is, what good is our knowing if he doesn't?

  19. here is my post!!!

  20. I liked your post once again this Friday! I posted on my site too. It's definitely fun reading what everyone has to write about their husbands.

  21. I always enjoy your posts! Have a wonderful weekend.


  22. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I pre-scheduled my post and am just now getting home, but wanted to leave a comment, too. :)

    Love your post today!

  23. How wonderful of an idea. Your husband sounds like a wonderful person!

  24. Awe! What a sweet post about your husband!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog during the SITS Blog-A-Thon... please check back often.

    Off to read more of your blog :)

  25. What a great way to honor your husband! I think it's wonderful that he encourages you with his heart, but also reminds you that higher powers are at work as well.....:)

  26. Your marriage and your faith in your husband inspire me. I missed this week for the first time EVER because I'm not allowed to get on the internet from work anymore :(

    Also, you've been tagged!

  27. Hi Katy-Lin. Isn't it great to be blessed with an awesome hubby?? Mine is awesome, too! :) I hope you are doing well. Stop by when you have time. **big hugs to you**

  28. Thanks so much for sharing with us each and every week, KatyLin! I've been waiting to get my own blog up and running before joining in, and am looking forward to sharing just how MUCH my husband rocks, beginning this week.

    I linked to you a while back, and I'm sending you an I Love Your Blog award, which you dearly deserve for all of your kindness. Please come by and pick it up when you have a chance.


    married to Ray for 24+ years :o)

  29. My Hubby Rocks, too.

  30. I'm up-I'll be back to read other My Husband rocks!


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