Thursday, February 12, 2009

MHR Inspiration #10

Hello to everyone out there in blogland! No, I haven't died, I have just ben a bad, bad blogger of late! :)

I am excited for the upcoming Valentine's Day. Austin thinks of it as just another way to line the card companies' pockets, and I can't say that I fully disagree with him! Also coming up next week is the two year anniversary of our engagment. Austin has been gone for the last couple of days as well, so it will be an especially nice weekend :)


I have two articles again this week. The first is short, but chock full of great advice:

10 Secrets to a Successful Marriage
by Mitch Temple

The second is more geared for the holiday itelf:

The Romance Factor
by Twanda R. Smith


Prompt/Theme for Friday, February 13, 2009

1. Tell the story of your first Valentine's Day together.

2. In reference to the first article, which "secrets" do you do well, which could you work on, which do you struggle with?

3. If you decide to take the advice of the second article, tell us what you're going to do, or share pictures if you have time!


1. Even though I do not always agree with the commercial hype of Valentine's Day, take advantage of the excuse to be especially romantic and dote upon your hubby!

2. Even after Valentine's Day is over, be intentional about showing genuine kindness and tenderness to your husband!

Hope you have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Lovin' these MHR Fridays! Looking forward to reading your story.


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