Friday, February 27, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Sweet Concern

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Austin is such a sweetheart! I woke up on Saturday morning feeling like a very large anvil had settled in the middle of my chest. My head was stuffy and I had this tight, wheezing chest cough - it was bad! Thankfully I hardly ever get sick, so my poor hubby does not yet really know what to think of the situation when I am (in fact, this may very well have been the first time I have been sick since we got married in 2007) - anyway, he was amazing!

He laid around with me all day - we never even got out of our pajamas all day on Saturday - and he made sure that I was taking my medicine and put me to bed early so I could feel better for church on Sunday! Sunday I wasn't completely up to par, but was feeling a whole lot better, so we did go to church, but after church we went straight back home and vegged the whole afternoon.

He even hit every Redbox in town trying to find the movie Changeling - only to have to get it as a pay-per-view when he couldn't find it at any of them! He wasn't really dying to see it, but he knew that I wanted to see it very badly, so he made sure we got our hands on it!

He takes such good care of me! Doesn't he rock?



1. Pray this prayer: Lord, how can I love my spouse today like (s)he's never been loved and never will be loved? every day for the next week, and see what happens!

2. Pick 1 book on marriage from this list that you will commit to read (either on your own or with your spouse) within the next three months!
I'm going to grab the book Sacred Marriage to read on the plane/on the beach during our upcoming vacation :)

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Hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and a fantastic weekend!


  1. I ♥ your sweet stories...thanks for sharing! off to post about my rockin' hubby! ♥

  2. how do i become an official participant in MHR?


  4. That's sweet! There's something so wonderful and novel about being "taken care of" when you're a woman. :)

  5. Aww, I hope you are back to normal now! And Austin is THE MAN for taking care of you! : )

    I know a lot of women think their men are pitiful when they're sick, but I'm WAY more pitiful than Sound Man is when I'm sick, and he takes such good care of me when I am. Much better than I do when he's sick!



  7. What a sweetheart!! How was Changeling?

  8. Your man is one of the good ones!

    My woman is too!

  9. Hey Katy Lin!!
    I, too, love to brag about my DH and have added your button to my blog and would like to be added to the list of MHR Fridays.
    How do I go about doing that??

  10. You DO have a rockin' hubby! I think it's awesome when they hang with you and dote over your needs. I happen to be a big woos and "need" my hubby when I don't feel good. Austin gets a gold star this week!

  11. What a sweet story! I hope you enjoy Sacred Marriage. It's a favorite of mine. Thanks for posting that list of books to read - you always seem to find those great lists on Amazon.

  12. What an awesome hubby you have!
    Thanks so much for doing this. I need this kick in my pants every once in awhile. I'm a very blessed wife with my DH and I forget that sometimes!


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