Thursday, March 26, 2009

She Speaks Conference

I was excited to learn about The She Speaks Speaking, Writing, and Leadership Conference via Drawing Closer to Him.

Although I have neither written nor spoken professionally at any time, both are pursuits to which I aspire. The more I read about the conference the more I think that this could be a tremendous opportunity! For awhile now I have had a very strong desire to develop ministry in these areas, especially with respect to the ~ My Husband Rocks ~ concept, and this conference seems like an ideal situation in which to do that!

Amazingly, Lysa TerKeurst is offering the chance to win a full scholarship! So you can understand my excitement, here's some more info:

For Speakers:

Whether you are ready to take the main stage and start speaking at conferences and retreats or whether you want to learn how to more effectively teach a ladies’ Bible Study- this track is for you. After attending this conference you will be equipped to:

* Know how to develop a message from start to finish

* Understand what keeps an audience engaged and how to make your message memorable

* Deliver your message in such a way that not only inspires your audience but motivates them to make life changes

* Increase your number of booked speaking engagements by using proven marketing strategies.

For Writers:

You have had a passion for writing and have even had people encourage you to write a book, but have never known how to get started on the pathway to publication. You will have the chance to attend sessions taught by some of the top Christian publishers and make appointments to pitch your book proposal.

Or maybe you are a blogger and just want to learn how to more effectively connect with your readers and increase the impact of your blog. What better way than to sit in sessions taught by three of the most widely read blog authors. Whatever the case may be, after attending this conference you will:

* Discover your unique writing voice and the mechanics of effective writing

* Understand what publishers are looking for and how to write proposals that get their attention
* Better understand how to build your writing portfolio by getting published in magazines

* Know how to write a book that will impact your reader from start to finish

And as though that was not incredible enough:

We will get to learn from Big Mama, Boo Mama, Chatting at the Sky, Barefoot Blogs, the Nester, and Musings of a Housewife.

So, even if writing/speaking professionally, or in public at all, is not what God has for my future, I will at the very least, learn how to make my blog far more effective in whatever ministry he leads me through in blogland :)

With the growing list of "competitors" for the scholarship, the chances seem pretty slim, so I'll know that I'm really supposed to be there if I'm selected :)


Thanks for reading!


  1. How exciting! Our church is always looking for speakers at our annual women's retreat each May. We might just have to keep you in mind! You are very inspiring, Katy Lin.

  2. Very exciting! Good luck on your scholarship! Love the new background as well as the pic of you and your hubby!

  3. We will be praying for your heart's desire to come to life. You have inspired so many woman and it turn many marriages have been blessed!! I know my friends all have a link to your blog on their blogs and we talk about you all of the time! I agree with Friend Chick... we would love to hear you speak at a woman's retreat!!

    Blessings ~

  4. I hope you win, Katy Lin! I would love to go, too, but things are crazy around here from now till probably June or July. : )

  5. I love the "My Husband Rocks" that is so precious!

    Stopped by to wish you luck in the contest and to let you know I am praying for your dream to attend the conference!


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