Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have turned klutziness into a new art form . . .

Well, it had been almost a year since the epic motorcycle-pipe burn )that ended up costing us a trip to the emergency room and 7 horse-antibiotics that cost over $20 per pill!!!) and nearly nine months since the last big spill I had taken (on New Year's Eve - pre-party!), so it was bound to happen sometime - and it did, in a BIG way!

As I've mentioned a few times, Austin and I have been riding our bikes several times a week, averaging about 50 miles or so per week. Two Fridays ago, on the 14th, we were nearing the end of our ride and messing around a little while riding side by side. Austin, who is very coordinated, reached over and jiggled my handlebars a bit. I, being not so coordinated, was unable to recover and ended up dragging the left side of my body down the concrete bike trail. (He felt soooooooooo bad, and you should have seen the skid mark he made trying to get stopped so he could come back and help me!) It wasn't too bad, I scraped up the palm of my left hand and my left knee, but we weren't too far from home (and it was getting dark) so we rode home and I got cleaned up.

The whole next week we rode our bikes as scheduled, with no ill-effects, and I was healing up rather nicely. Until Friday. We started out as usual, but it had rained pretty hard on Friday morning and portions of the trail that were more shaded hadn't dried out completely. We were about 3 miles into our 14ish mile ride when we came to an especially curvy portion of the trail. We were moving at quite a clip, and I apparently mis-calculated one of the curves because before I knew it the front tire of my bike had dropped off of the paved trail, stuck in a rut in the mud, and stopped. My body, however, did not stop, and I flew over my handlebars onto the pavement. Again. I was thankfully wearing my helmet, so no permanent damage was done, but I took the brunt of the fall on the palms of my hands and my left shoulder (I have no idea). Ripped open the previously healing wound on the left palm and tore a chunk out of the right.

So, I've decided that I must be regressing to my five-year-old self. You'd think that I'd be past the "falling-off-my-bike" stage in my life, but apparently not, lol! Thankfully nothing was seriously injured in either fall, save for my pride, but who needs that anyway?

You may now tease me mercilessly, lol!


  1. What a cute post....Funny, I just told my grandson today that I was going to get a bike....He said "for what"!!!!
    Hope you will stop by and visit my new Christmas blog that I launched today. The button on my regular blog will take you right to it....

  2. At first I thought motorcycles. But am glad to know it was a pedal bike that you wrecked (because the injuries are less sever, not because I am glad you wrecked :). However my brother had a wreck on a regular bike and had 8 surgeries. BE CAREFUL! I ran into a pole once so no teasing here.

    Love the new look. It is so crisp and clean and makes me feel all organized or something.

  3. What a blessing that after all your falls, you were ok :) Take it easy!! :)

  4. Just so happy to know that you both are doing okay. God's protection in upon you...
    m & j @

  5. Oh Katy Lin, you poor gal! :( I have a hubby that would do the exact same thing, just havin' a bit of fun, and I can imagine if he did I would have fallen off my bike too - so you are not alone in your klutziness.
    Good to hear you are recovering now, no more flying off your bike! :)

  6. Awww, I'm feeling your pain! You know I make falling down an art just make falling off your bike the same thing! : ) I hope you're feeling better!


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