Saturday, February 13, 2010

~ My Husband Rocks! ***Sunday*** ~ Mr. Fix-It

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Because of our new, ever mobile, ever unpredictable lifestyle, I am posting on a Sunday. It's my meme, get off my back :)

This week, Austin rocks because he's awesome. That's all.

Just kidding.

We arrived in Belgium on Sunday, February 7th. Our bags were not here to meet us. In fact, they did not arrive until almost 30 hours later. When they did arrive, the airline brought them all the way to Tim's house so we didn't have to go and pick them up, which was great, but mine was busted open and missing several items (including my MHR shirt!!!) - which was NOT great!

My amazing husband took care of contacting the airlines multiple times, and is still taking care of dealing with them to get some compensation, even though he's been sick all week.

And not only that, but he fixed my bag so it is totally functional, and we don't have to buy a new one!

He totally rocks, even though I no longer have the shirt to prove it!


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Hope you have a spectacular Sunday, and a great week!


  1. So sweet that he would take care of all of that even when he doesn't feel good. I hope you've enjoyed Belgium!
    I posted a few MHR posts many months ago, and am getting back to it now:

  2. How sweet of him!

    I keep wanting to participate in MHR, but I'm always out of sync with you: I post and you don't, or you post and I don't. :) This week I included my rockin' husband in my Friday's Fave Five post, and even mentioned my MHR shirt. (Sorry you lost yours. I hope it ended up in good hands.)


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