Friday, September 4, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ reminders . . .

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This week has definitely reinforced for me many of the qualities that I absolutely adore about my husband!

~ We finished our deck, which turned out beautifully: I love that he is such a talented carpenter, and that he takes such pride in his work.
~ He has had a particularly rough week at work, but he has maintained such a great attitude: I am so grateful that he works so hard, even when he does not get the respect he deserves there.
~ I have been somewhat discouraged about some of the hold-ups we've run up against this week regarding BBI, but he is more confident than ever that this is God's will for our lives: I love that he has such strong faith and that he is strong in his convictions and encouraging when I find myself doubting.
~ We began gutting our basement last night, and he was soooo excited! : I adore that he is excited about finishing the very last unfinished portion of our huge re-construction project! One of the reasons he is so excited is that finishing it gets us that much closer to launching BBI, and that brings me so much joy!

Lots of fun reasons why my husband rocked my socks off this week! How about yours?

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Hope you all have a fantastic Friday, and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Gombajov Tribe

    My MHR post for today is here:

  2. Almost the end of the day, but I finally finished my post - which got way longer than I intended! Oh well, I guess I had alot to say about my hubby today too. Here is the link

  3. I know how getting projects done just makes you feel SO much better! AND I know about wishing you could go to your husband's job and tell people just how much respect he deserves! : ) Sound Man has many times had to calm me down from wanting to call his boss and tell him off! I'm sure that would have helped the situation SO much! HA!

  4. Hi KatyLin! Congrats on your deck:)

    Here is my MHR post:


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