Friday, June 13, 2008

2-post morning :)

Okay - this is the post I was going to write last night, so for all intents and purposes, think of this as Thursday :)

We had our friends Tyler & Emma over for supper this evening and then went out "flood-watching" (hence, no blogging). Thank you all for your concern and your sweet comments about our weather. Several towns have been evacuated including one 15 minutes away from where we live. The news is reporting that the Des Moines river is higher than it has ever been before (even in the floods of '93). We appreciate all your prayers and look forward to a break in the weather on Saturday!


I'm participating in 31 Days to Clean, and our "assignment" yesterday was to write our clean home mission statement. Mine is as follows:

I will strive to keep a clean and organized home in order to create
a peaceful and inviting retreat where Austin and I
can enjoy our time together and with our family and friends. Staying on top of
my homemaking responsibilities is a practical reflection of my love
and respect for Austin. Making my routines a daily priority
will free up time that is otherwise spent "crisis cleaning," and will
release me from the stress and guilt I feel when our home is a disaster area.
Conquering the sins of selfishness and laziness in my life
will bring glory to God and harmony to our home

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your mission statement, I love it, love it, love it! Did I mention I love it? Great statement!

  2. Will have to look at the 31 days to clean thing - sounds like something that I need in my life!
    Mission statement is fab too!

  3. Excellent mission statement! I'm still working on mine...

  4. I know the trap of "good intentions," but I am here to spur you on!!! YOU CAN DO IT! (okay, so maybe I sound like a Nike commererial, but just go with, okay!)

    Just do what you can, maybe clean half your desk, or at least the top of it - the point is to do something. My whole goal with this series is not to create a bunch of Martha Stewarts (haha, I wish!) but to learn how we best work, and then figure out how to stay on task so can please God and make our home havens.

    So...get to work! ;)


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