Friday, March 20, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Post Vacay Edition :)

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Life has been a little bit crazy in our world for the past few weeks, so I have to apologize for my sporadic blogging and ~MHR~ activities! We will definitely have a prompt next week, and I've got some fun new ideas that I am hoping to develop in the near future as well :)



Austin just rocks my socks off, I've got to tell you! Not only did he take me on the most increible vacation last week (which I will definitely be posting more about, don't you worry, lol :) - to see the initial pics,click here), but he is just the sweetest thing!

I got very sunburned on the last day of our trip (thanks to my own stupidity), and the worst place was on my upper back right in between my shoulder blades. Needless tosay, it was impossible for me to reach that area to apply any kind of moisturizer, so Austin has done it for me every night - even when it was peeling and icky :S.

Then last night, I was telling him about a silly klutzy moment I had at work yesterday, and insted of laughing at me, he expessed genuine concern and reqeusted that I take better care of myself because he does not want me to get seriously hurt. Isn't he adorable?


He has also had a pretty stressful situation to come back to at work. I don't think he would appreciate me sharing all of the details, but he continues to do his very best every day, and tries not to let that situation bother him. He has been a great example to me of "do not repay evil for evil."

Austin just rocks my socks off, I've got to tell you!


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Hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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  1. You and Austin are the cutest couple!! You have the prettiest smile.. reminds me of a big bright Julia Roberts smile!
    I did not do MHR:( But I will pick up next week!


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