Friday, May 29, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Protection

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We called 911 the other night. How's that for an opener, huh? Before anybody freaks out I should probably tell the rest of the story :)

We were relaxing in the family room watching a little bit of television on Wednesday night when Austin saw the shadow of a person fall across our back door. "There's somebody just standing in our back yard," he said. He got up and went out back only to see a young man, about 18 or 19, ride away down the street on his bicycle.

That made us a bit uneasy to say the least.

Then, after we had turned in, Austin, who was still very uncomfortable, decided to go downstairs and shut and look all of the windows and double check the door locks. As he made his way downstairs, he noticed that there was a car parked in front of our house with its windows down. This may not seem suspicious; however, I can count on one hand the times that an unknown vehicle has been parked at our house on a weeknight. Austin stood at the front window for a moment, but he could not see anyone inside the car or outside near the car. He worked his way through the rest of the house locking the windows, and when he got back to the front windows - less than a minute later - the car was gone.

This is the point where we decided to call the police. Austin called and explained that we didn't have an emergency at the moment, but he would feel better if we could avoid one all together. He requested that the local police be aware of the situation, and keep an eye on our house that evening. When he came to bed at that point he shut and locked our bedroom door as well.

I know that he worried most of the night, and probably didn't sleep too well, but I slept like a baby. It is so comforting to know that he takes his job of protecting me and our home so very seriously. He so totally rocks!


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  1. I love this idea... I keep saying that :)

  2. How scary that must have been! I bet it is a comfort to know that you husband is there to protect you no matter what!

    I've been absent from this for awhile, but I've joined back up today! I'm going to go read some more posts in a bit!

  3. I would have been the same way! Knowing my Sound Man has the situation is under control is so comforting! But sheesh...that's scary!

  4. Scary! It is so nice to have a good hubby for protection - what a blessing!

  5. Here's my post for today:

    And I ordered some MHR shirts for the whole family for Father's Day!


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