Friday, October 9, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Passion!

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ that kind of passion...though that's great, I want to talk about Austin's passionate nature and how that plays itself out in his faith.

Austin loves the Lord, and he has never been shy about sharing that fact with anyone who will listen. Lately, that passion has been directed toward getting everything rolling for BBI and preparing for our first trip in January. He is also becoming a very powerful preacher. Granted, he has yet to preach to an audience, and most of his "sermons" have been in the midst of conversations with just a few people - his passion and conviction is blatantly evident to anyone he talks to. Not in an abrasive, pushy way, but in a thought-provoking, heart-string-tugging kind of way.

It is so exciting - and stretching - to see how the Lord is developing his gifts and moving us forward on this amazing journey!


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