Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today, I'm Thankful For . . .


. . . our friends!

In addition to our amazing families (see yesterdays "I'm Thankful For . . ." post), God has also seen fit to bless us with some incredible friends as well!

We have friends that we have known our entire lives, the friends we literally grew up with. And friends that we have had the privilege of meeting within the past year!

This weekend we're especially thankful for our friends in Oklahoma City and Pasadena, Texas who have opened their homes to us during our (Lord-willing) final pre-field deputation/fundraising trip! Thank you all sooooooo much for your hospitality and support during this trip!

(We're also super thankful for our Texas family in Dallas who let us stay with them and gathered all of the nearby extended family for a wonderful meal on Wednesday night :))

One of the most fun by-products of this past year is the amazing friendships we have built with people all around the world! We are so excited to be moving to Europe in less than a month and start doing life with the fabulous friends we have made in the MCYM family!

Praying your Thanksgiving week is blessed,

The 2010 "I'm Thankful For . . ." Challenge

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