Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All Around the House . . . er . . . Apartment

I spent the first half(ish) of my day on Saturday transforming our apartment back into a livable space. It's been kind of crazy around here lately - Austin was gone to camp for nine days, then we had company, then four days after they left we went to Madrid for a work trip (World Youth Day) for 6 days. We came home last Sunday at midnight and ran straight into a work week, so, needless to say, very little cleaning, unpacking, laundry, etc. got done.

As I was cleaning, I snapped some pictures of the many Pinterest-inspired projects I've completed over the past few weeks!

I kept seeing a ton of awesome pillows, so I went out, bought a glue gun, scooped up some interesting fabric in the form of old clothes from the recycle center, and came up with these:



This project was the merging of several different Pin-spirations :)


I'd been seeing a ton of awesome menu board ideas, combined with the DIY white-board made out of a frame concept + threw in a few fabric flowers for good measure :)

What has been inspiring you lately?


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  1. WOW. Katy. YOU ARE AMAZING. I am leaving you a message on FB. Amy =)


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