Friday, August 26, 2011

What I'm Pinning . . .

It's official! I am totally hooked on Pinterest!

Totally...I could spend hours scrolling and pinning, it's a very dangerous thing!

Here are a few of my favorites from the past week:

I desperately want an indoor herb garden, and I loooove these tea tins to house my herbs!

She's just so matter what she's doing!

I can think of dozens of amazing meals to be made with just this single appliance


The thought of these flavors combined in one sandwich makes me a little bit giddy!

I'm going to do a Pinterest how to/etiquette post at some point. Maybe. And I'm also going to do many posts about the projects/recipes I've made that I've found on Pinterest. (Once I remember to start taking pictures of my projects...I'm a little bit out of practice.) Because, though some haters people say that all Pinterest does is suck your time away while you feel creative looking at other people's creative endeavors while never having any of your own, I have found Pinterest to be incredibly inspiring and have actually made several items as a result of a pin. So there you have it :)

Find me on Pinterest here!

Have a great weekend peeps!

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