Thursday, July 3, 2008

God Bless America!

Today is Thankful Thursday, and this week I am so thankful for the opportunity to rest and play on this up-coming long weekend. I am thankful that today is like the Friday of my work-week, and that next Tuesday will be the final day of our Shopper contract.


Tomorrow is Independence Day, and I am thankful for all of the brave men and women who sacrificed so much to fight for the freedoms that we enjoy today. For the men and women who are fighting now around the world to protect those freedoms, and to live in a country that offers such freedom. God bless America!

Thanks for rea


  1. I am thankful for them all too! I haven't been to your blog before...I'll have to come back and visit :)

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. I am so thankful for the men and women serving our country for me. I love your blog!

  3. Amen to that!

    Have a safe and blessed Holiday.

    many hugs,

  4. AMEN!!!

    We will be spending time at home over the weekend...and listening to the firecrackers people in the neighborhood shoot off!

    Thanks for the visit and your silly "stinking" comment!!! LOL!! You made me laugh out loud!
    (Did you see the LINK for your Friday event...My Husband Rocks?)


  5. Great list of things to be thankful for. Happy Thankful Thursday, and happy 4th!

  6. I'm with ya, my newlywed chickee!! I love America and the soldiers who are defending her and ME right now! Bless you all..........

  7. Yes ma'am - I am thankful for those things as well. As a mom of two military sons, I am doubly thankful for God's protection on our nation and on those who serve!
    Have a blessed 4th,

  8. Amen! I am so thankful that others are willing to risk their lives to preserve our freedoms. We owe them a lot!

  9. I have a brother who serves in the military in my country and I just know how difficult their lives are. It's so good to thank the men -wherever we may be- who spell a difference in preserving our freedom.

    Happy TT.

  10. Hi Katy Lin..
    Hope you have a great 4th..(:) hugs Patty

  11. I am thankful, too. Just recently, my father started sharing with me his experience from when he served in Vietnam...including photos he took that I never knew about. It was very eye-opening...I am thankful my father made it out alive. I could not imagine my life without my dad!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy 4th of July!

  12. Great list Katy Lin! We have such an abundance of things to be thankful for don't we!

    Hooray! Tomorrow is the last day of your shopper route!:)



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