Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Hippies Were Right!

Lol! This slogan appeared on an Earth Day T-shirt in Wal-Mart that Austin loved. (He didn't actually end up purchasing said shirt as he is the most frugal person I have ever met, darn Dutch blood, but that's another story for another time.) And as crunchy, or tree-hugger-ish as this may sound, I really (kind of) agree with it. They weren't right about everything, in fact they got a lot of things waaaaaaaaay wrong. In fact I disagree with their views on nearly everything (drugs, sex, etc.). Everything except their opinions about the way we treat the planet.

The older I get, and the more my brain shifts into "mothering" mode, the more I think about the state of our planet, how what I do impacts the environment, and what kind of world I want to leave for my (future) children. I am not what I consider extreme in my views, but I do believe in making the small changes that positively impact our world.

For some great ideas and a lot of very easy adjustments, visit Co-op America and read their list of 22 Steps to Energy Efficiency. Not only will these tips conserve energy and help the environment, you will also notice a positive impact on your energy bills, too!

You may have noticed the LetsGoGreen.biz ads in my right sidebar and at the bottom of my page. Let's Go Green is a great company that delivers tons of eco-friendly products for some very reasonable prices. LetsGoGreen.biz is also sponsoring my very first GIVEAWAY!!! That's right, at the end of this week I will be announcing the giveaway of a product that will help one lucky winner tackle a "mountain" that we all have to "climb" on a depressingly regular basis!

Any guesses? :)

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  1. I too have been thinking that's its time for me to do my first giveaway. Not sure what I'll do as the prize - but I love the idea of doing it! How much fun! Sometimes it's totally better to give than to receive.

  2. I did my firt give away but it ended quickly. My clue was too easy.

  3. Clueless...If I had to guess I'd say it was something to do with laundry. My piles are as big as mountains and yes it depresses me-good thing my husband likes to do it! ;)

  4. Is it laundry? Because I have the Alps in my house right now!

  5. I will stop over at visit LetsGoGree.biz. I am really interested in this and recenlty completed a school project on "Going Green". :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sounds like laundry to me; that's a mountain I've got to scale tonight! I'm trying to find easy ways to be a good steward of the beauty God has given us, so I will have to check out those sites you linked.

  7. Stealing from Flylady, "Mount Washmore!" :)


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