Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Last week we were hanging out with Austin's parents, my amazing in-laws, on a Saturday afternoon. They had been garage saling that morning and among their awesome finds was the game Operation, in pristine condition. We immediately got it set up and began playing the classic version of the game, where everyone gets "Specialist" cards, then you go around the table drawing "Doctor" cards, and if the "doctor" fails their assigned operation, the "specialist" gets a crack at it and whoever completes the operation successfully gets "paid." This was fun, and we enjoyed the suspense of wondering if the other players would touch the sides of the openings and jumping at the shocking sound and laughing at everybody's reactions. Austin is the master of this game, and is able to remove each piece from the game in any order without hitting the sides one time! He tried. It was cool. Lol!

After a couple of rounds like this we decided to mix it up a little bit, and the game turned into a very interesting exercise in marital communication. :)

We decided that we would play as teams, and the person holding the tongs would close their eyes, while their teammate gave them verbal directions. It was a blast, and although we didn't end up playing a whole game this way, Austin and I both said that it would be a great exercise for a pre-marital counseling session. (Kind of like the driving scene in License to Wed, only fewer potential-death situations!)

Hope everybody's having a great week! I counted the bangs post as my rag, but be sure to check in with Staci for Real Raggin Wednesday!

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  1. I love that game! My kids got it for Christmas a couple of years ago, but I think they were probably still too young for it because the buzzer scared the patooties out of we play without it. Great idea for pre-marital communication!

  2. What fun! Sounds like you have some really neat in laws! I love the idea for pre marital counseling! By the way...I think your bangs look really cute! :) Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  3. That was always a favorite game for us all to play as a family! It took concentration and a steady hand, that's for sure! :-)

  4. Ugh, my husband and I would kill each other if we had to play that way! : )

  5. I loved Operation, although my sister, brother, and I never actually owned it. Your new and improved method of play looks like fun. We used to do something like that in our training classes where I used to work - its all in the communication. Thanks for making me feel loved on my SITS day yesterday!

  6. Oh - I LOVE that game! It brings back so many childhood memories: mainly that a few of my friends' had the game and we couldn't afford it! (It was in the expensive range of boardgames when I was a kid). So, it was the most covetted game to play when we visited friends' who had it. I was never very good at it though.

  7. I used to LOVE playing Operation. Looks like you guys had a really great time. :)

  8. How fun! I used to LOVE that game.


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