Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boredom+Scissors+Alias Season 4=

Bangs. That's right. No, I'm not kiddng. And don't think I'm too happy about it, either.

It all started two Thursdays ago. Well, it actually all started in high school when my good friend Danielle introduced me to Alias, and I became . . . well, a fan. In fact, my love for Alias often went hand in hand with my love for Chipotle. There's nothing like watching Jennifer Garner beat down the evilness in the world while mouing down on a steak burrito with extra guacamole. But, I digress. All that to explain why I own seasons 1-4 on DVD. (I don't have season 5 on DVD, I'm toying around with the idea of selling my 1-4 and buying this!)

Anyway, two Thursdays ago I was home alone kind of cleaning my kitchen and mostly watching Alias Season 4 on DVD. In this season, Sidney has some really cute bangs. Seriously, look how cute they are! (She's the one out front.)

So I got to thinking that it had been a really long time since I had bangs, and she makes it look so darn cute, I should just cut me some bangs. So I did. I got my sharp scissors and marched my happy little butt into the bathroom and I chopped me off some bangs.


I don't like them, Austin doesn't like them, and thankfully my hair grows fast, otherwise I'd be stuck with them. And, I feel slightly betrayed by Sidney Bristow. Through the first several episodes of season 4, she gives no indication that she too dislikes the bangs. She wears them very well, but about halfway through the season, she starts pinning. them. back!!!! Ugghhh!!! So, if you see me walking around out in the real world and you think to yourself, "What made her think that bangs were a good idea for her?" Just know that I blame Sidney Bristow. She's tricky that one! Lol

It's okay though Sidney, I still love you. I've even started back at the beginning of season 1! I do like the hot pink hair episode! Maybe I'll try this look next, you do make it look so cute!


What's your least favorite hair memory? Why do we do this to ourselves?

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  1. My worst haircut was in college. My RA was a ballerina and had super short, spikey red hair. Her best friend also had super short spikey hair (no, they weren't lesbians). They were both so thin, and stylish, and cute that I wanted that cute hair cut. Over the summer I got my hair cut super short...and it was awful. I'm not a thin, stylish ballerina--I'm a curvy clearance rack girl. I hated it, and it took forever to grow out. I will never get my hair cut that short ever again!

  2. Oh Katy Lin...you make me laugh! At the same time you remind me of myself just last week! I was thisclose to cutting some bangs for myself but chickened out at the last minute. If only we had hair stylists to follow us around too! lol Hope you're having a great day!

  3. Hi Katy Lin,

    I am way behind with blog visiting.
    I had to laugh when I read this post.
    Hailey had long hair like Jayde a few weeks ago. She decided to cut it.
    Dorothy fixed it a bit but I actually like it this way too!

    My hair is VERY short, very easy and very short. A few years ago, I had some health problems and realized that hair for me was over-rated -hehe. It has been short ever since.

    I think you will look beautiful anyway you wear your hair. You are beautiful inside and out!


  4. I'm sure your bangs are too cute, just like you are.

    My worst hair memory isn't from my actual feelings about my hair, but how my husband responded to my haircut. One day during our first year of marriage I had just had my hair cut, and was in the bathroom fixing it. I was just about finished (meaning that it was mostly "fixed") when my husband came in and said, "Well, I'd like it if it were fixed."

    I slammed the bathroom door in his face.

    He still does not live that down, and we've been married 13 years.

  5. OK maybe I am the odd one out but I like the bangs. Maybe it will just take some getting used to. my hair nightmare is getting a perm in my pre-teen years. I still blame my Mom as she allowed it but then I laugh and think of course she did she had the same poodle hair at the time.

  6. Half-Past Kissin' TimeJuly 29, 2008 at 11:17 PM

    I think you look adorable; they really showcase your eyes. My worse hair memory involved a stylist who thought that I had my eye on her boyfriend (which I did NOT). I went to her at his suggestion (he came often to the bar where I worked). Anyway, she took what I later learned was a THINNING shears to my already-thin hair. Wow. Good thing hair grows.

  7. First....I H-E-A-R-T Alias! And own the whole series on DVD! Is that sad?

    And I like your bangs, but I know how you feel. I got mine about a year ago and have had them pulled back in a headband ever since! :) Oh well, we live and we learn! :)

  8. Well, first I must say that I think you look great in bangs!

    I am one of the biggest Alias fans. I was so sad it went off the air.

    I have all the seasons on dvd too. In fact, thanks for the reminder. I think I am going to watch them all over again.


  9. I think your bangs are cute!! :)

    For me, I can remember when I was in jr. high...I was at my best friend's house. She tied me to a chair and CUT MY HAIR!!! It was so badly cut. Thankfully, her older sister was a beautician and was able to make some sense of my hair. hahahaha

  10. First off, I like the bangs!

    On the whole bad hair experiences, mmm, I think my worst was after my first son was born. I thought if I went shorter then life would be easier. The joke was on me, I hated it. I was trying to lose pregnancy weight and then had one of the worst cuts ever. I felt frumpy and the bad cut made things worse!


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