Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Chipotle Baby . . .


I found this pic today (by found, I mean I was looking at it hanging on the wall of my cubicle at work), and thought I would tell you all a funny story about two of the great loves of my life.

As I was contemplating telling the story (that we will eventually get to in the course of this post), I realized that I have been utterly remiss in communicating my love of all that is Chipotle. I have told you all about the men in my life, and I brag on my hubby (who rocks!) every week, but I have yet to even mention Chipotle. I'm so sorry Chipotle, I love you, and I miss you terribly - I'm hoping I can convince Austin to come visit this weekend!

If you have never enjoyed a Chipotle burrito, you, my friend, are seriously missing out! Imagine if you will, the most beautiful, gleaming, modern decor, ecclectic, but very tasteful, music pumping through the sound system, and food so delectible in its all-natural goodness, that it makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Do you have that image in your head? Good. Now put all of that into a fast. food. restaurant!!!! Too good to be true, NO!! It exists, in all it's cheesy, spicy, tomatoey goodness in the form of Chipotle Burritos!!!!

My love affair with the burrito the size of my head began when I was in high school, though I remember it like it was yesterday. The rumor had been flying around school all day that a new Mexican place was opening at Union and Academy, and as part of the training for their staff they were offering free burritos to everyone who came through the doors! Not the first 50, or even the first 500, EVERYONE!!! Free food, and an excuse to get off campus was enough for us, so my friends and I piled into my family's minivan (I'm not sure why I was driving the minivan on this day, but I distinctly remember that I was because the driver's door latch had a pesky habit of letting go right when you were going about 45 miles an hour down Palmer Park Blvd, scary . . . but, I digress). When we arrived at the restaurant, the line was snaked through the entire restaurant and out the door. We all knew that we had only 45 minutes before 4th period started, but we were far more interested in free burritos. When we were about half-way through the line, we spotted our history teacher (for whose class we were inevitably going to be late, if not miss all together) leaving the restaurant. He just shook his head and laughed. We all made our way to the front, ordered and jumped back into the van for a very fast ride back to school. I think we were about 35 minutes late for our hour-long class, and we ate our burritos at our desks. Our teacher was really cool, and since we didn't do that kind of thing too terribly often, didn't make a big deal out of it. And the rest, as they say, is history.

After our love at first bite, I was hooked. Chipotle was at least a weekly trip for me, with or without a friend, and once I ate two burritos in one sitting (quite a feat for someone of my appetite). When I left Colorado Springs to go to college in Dubuque, Iowa, I was crushed to learn that there was no Chipotle in Dubuque, or in the entire state of Iowa for that matter! How was I going to last an entire school year without Chipotle. The closest one was in Madison, Wisconsin - a 2 hour drive both ways, but I somehow conned friends to make the trip with me multiple times throughout the year! (I didn't even have a car while I was at college, but I had awesome friends and an stupendously amazing boyfriend who took me every time I got the craving :) ). I had quite the system - I would order 1 burrito, and 1 burrito bowl with an extra tortilla, eat the assembled burrito in Madison, and take the burrito makings back to DBQ to be enjoyed in a day or so (any longer than a day, and it was a little gooey).


I have now eaten Chipotle burritos in 6 different states, and it never gets old! This picture is from the grand opening of a Chipotle in Phoenix, AZ. (We just happened to be there on opening day while we were visiting my grandfather for his 80th birthday!)


Thankfully, Austin loves the burrito almost as much as I do, so he makes sure that we get some whenever we are in an area that has them!

As I had said, there were absolutely zilch, zero, nada Chipotle locations in the entire state of Iowa, so when I went and fell in love with my handsome husband and we decided to live in Iowa, it was a very difficult transition for me. We wrote many e-mails to the proprietors (who always answered, and were very upbeat and polite when they did so) begging them to bring a Chipotle to our fair state.

While planning a weekend trip one evening, we were surfing the web to find out if there were any Chipotle stops along our route only to see that they had finally built a Chipotle in Iowa! Iowa City!!!! (Which is a shorter trek than between Dubuque and Madison!)

It was such fabulous news! I whipped out my cell phone right then and there and called my parents' house in Colorado! My parents are notoriously difficult to reach at their home, so I left a message. In my excitement, it sounded something like this:

"Hey everybody, call us as soon as you get this, we have the best news!!!"

Yep, they thought we were having a baby!

Well, we cleared up that little misunderstanding, and informed them of our elation over the new Chipotle! They were very excited for us and shared in the joy of our "new arrival."

For Christmas last year, my sister gave us a gift certificate for Chipotle (cleverly packaged to look like a burrito wrapped in tin foil :) ), so this picture is me and Austin in our "new family" pose.


Thanks for reading and indulging my silliness! If you're interested in finding a Chipotle near you, click here! And no, they don't pay me to advertise for them, they're just that good!
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. My mouth is watering! lol I love a good burrito...I see a 4 hour roadtrip in my future! That's a great picture of you and Austin! Too cute:)

  2. This was too funny - I have NEVER eaten at Chipotle even though they're all over town. They always seem to be next to a Chili's (which is my favorite)! I may have to give the ol' burrito a shot though seeing as you made them sound divinely wonderful!

  3. I share in this love as well. Sadly, though, my husband and friends do not. Man, I think I want Chipotle for dinner soon! It's been toooooo long!

  4. Chipotle is one of my all time favorites, especially when I was pregnant! I still love them and am a loyal customer!!

  5. Sounds really good, I will be checking it out!:)

  6. Alright, alright, you've sold me! I'm going to see if there is one near me. Now YOU have to try one of my love's: Bourcin cheese with sesmark savory thin original crackers (yes, I'm that picky about it!) If, however, you can't find the crackers, get yourself a fresh baked baguette. SO good!!!!!

  7. Hi there! Thanks for entering my giveaway. Let me know if you announce it on your blog at all and I'll enter you again!

    I welcome you back again!

    Miss Jocelyn

  8. ha ha are too funny! :)
    Hope you had a good day.

  9. I just laughed my head off! I can totally picture you hoodlums cruising to fave too!! Although we were at the N. Academy and Lake Chipotle's more often.

    And I almost snorted at the baby story. I bet your parents almost died!! :)
    No chipotle here :)

  10. I agree, they are the best. We have one way too close to our house.

  11. I love love love Chipotle, especially the steak burritos. When I was pregnant with my daughter I craved it all the time. Funny thing is she hates eating there. Doesn't stop me! ;) Cute post.

  12. I share your fondness for the Chipotle goodness! We recently moved from the Dallas area to Lubbock TX and there are NO Chipoltle's with in 5 hours of us now!!!

  13. Chipolte is our fav fast mex food! Love it!

  14. You are hilarious...I'm not sure why I've never seen your blog before? I've seen your name mentioned on several blogs I read (about 6 on your blogroll!) with ladies who have become bloggy friends...funny that we run in the same blog circle. :)

    Anyway, I too, love Chipotle. I recently learned that 1 burrito has about 1300 calories and I don't care. I'll eat celery and drink water all day so I can have it for dinner! I'm glad I found you...I already feel bonded over a love for Chipotle.

  15. How cute are you with your little food baby! My husband and I have food babies, but they are usually our bloated stomachs after pigging out. Your's is much cuter! :)

  16. I love the story behind the picture - the "family pose" with the "new arrival"!

    As for Chipotle, we've only went there once - and that was because of the BOGO coupon we got through the mail. But they were delish!!!

  17. This story is hilarious and amazing!!!

    I love Chipotle so much!!! This post is making me want to get some tomorrow! But I have to wait another day and then I will get one for free.

    In case you don't know, on Halloween they give out free burritos to everyone who dresses up as a burrito (I wear a homemade foil bracelet and necklace combo!)!!!

    What is better than Chipotle? FREE CHIPOTLE!

    Glad we share this love!


  18. OMG that was so funny!! Your little burrito bubby is very cute. I am a Qdoba lova myself, I could eat it every single day. I like Chipotle too, we just don't have many near us.

  19. Don't hate me- I have 3 Chipotles within 5 minutes of my house. Their guacamole sets the standard for me.

  20. Chipotle is the BEST! I get the Chicken Burrito Bol tho, b/c the burrito's a lil too much for me! lol(=


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