Friday, July 25, 2008

~my husband rocks!~ money


Happy Friday everybody! I hope you have all had a fabulous week! Thanks for joining us again for another installment of ~My Husband Rocks!~ Friday!

This week I'd like to tell you about the financial wizard that is my husband! I have always known that he was very frugal, and he comes by it honestly as he is VERY Dutch! This is not uncommon in our part of the world. In fact the joke is, "Do you know where copper wire came from? Two Dutch men fighting over a penny!" And if you are Dutch or know Dutch people or, like me, married into a Dutch family, you will understand that this is (often) the case! :)

Not only is he very careful with our money, he also takes his responsibility as financial manager of our family very seriously. At any given point he could tell you the interest rate and balance of any loan, credit card, or bank account we have. He monitors them all very closely, and ensures that every payment gets made on time without fail.


Because he is so conscious of our finances, we are able to do and have many things that we would not be able to afford otherwise. Everything from our wonderful home to our plethora of fun "big kid" toys, to the myriad of entertainment options that we enjoy - none of it would be possible if was not so intelligent and contientious with our money.

In fact, he often says that he would like to be a financial advisor to other families who may be struggling in this area, and he would be great at this because he can so easily identify the places where people are spending more money than they need to, whether they're not using financial tools well, or if they just eat too much fast food, he has great discernment in this area. He has great discernement in a lot of areas, but that's another post for another Friday.

I am so blessed and so thankful to be married to such a smart, responsible, wonderful man!

~EDITED: I was re-reading this and realized that I must give credit to God. He has blessed us and continues to bless us beyond my wildest imagination, and Hoss would be the first to say that the main reason we live so comfortably is because of God's provision and blessing.~

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Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Katy Lin,

    Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. This was a double whammy but God is good and is seeing us through.

    Your hubby is so precious. I spent some time in the Netherlands so I can relate to the Dutch thing-hehe.

    have a blessed weekend

  2. That's awesome! I sort of wish my husband was like that. But he just brings me the paycheck and I pay all the bills. He doesn't spend like crazy or anything, but he doens't have a clue what bills are due or even how many bills we have. LOL

  3. I did a ~my husband rocks~ post today! Go check it out HERE!

  4. I did my 1st -My husband rocks-!
    Thanks for the idea!

  5. What a blessing! Finances can be such a pain in a marriage...

  6. I love your idea of publicly praising our husbands for the whole blogoshpere to see! I just finished my first My Husband Rocks post!

    What fun!

  7. My husband rocks, too. Read today's installment:

    Thanks, Katy Lin, for the wonderful idea. I smile the whole time I'm typing the MHR posts.

  8. That is great that he is so good with finances. As wives it is so important to our security that our men be on top of this. Sounds like you are blessed!

  9. That's great that he's so responsible and smart when it comes to money and finances! I recently handed over the checkbook to my hubby and he's been doing a great job with it too! (o:

    Happy MHR Friday to you from my awesome vacation!

  10. That's awesome you can give God the glory for your great lives! God is good! Your hubby is just an all around fantastic guy :) You are right to feel so blessed!

  11. That's awesome. I had to giggle, because I felt like I could have written the same about my husband!! We are truly blessed by these men! :)
    I wrote my first My Husband Rocks blog today! :) Come on by...

  12. That is cool! Good stewardship with money is so important...
    I have been enjoying these posts and I finally got a chance to post one!

  13. That is awesome that he is conscious of finances and responsible. More people need to learn from your rockin' husband.

  14. Hi Katy Lin,

    First of all thank you so much for your visit today. I enjoyed your comment, thank you!!

    Now, if I were to tell you everything you wrote sounds just like my DH. You probably would think I was just saying it. Seriously girl "we are very lucky wives. Sometimes however, it does get a little extreme for me at time, cause I feel he can be a little too stingy...but then I quickly realize just how blessed I really am!!

    Have a wonderful weekend;-))

  15. What a great idea, and it sounds like your husband is a fantastic money wizard.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting when I was featured on SITS. I look forward to many more visits to yours. Off to read more.

  16. I love the whole idea of MHR, Katy Lin! It's so much fun and it does help us wives to look beyond what we usually see in our husbands in an everyday basis (we do tend to take them for granted without our knowing it).

    I love to join this meme and it just like what 'Me' said, I also smiled the whole time I was typing my first entry for MHR. God bless you and may we continue to be filled by His love through the channel the Lord has given us (our respective husbands)

    Take care!

  17. fantastic! there are so many women around the world whose husbands are the same, but they don't see the value in it and spend up big everyday of the week just cause they 'feel like it'. All credit to you for being so aware of how important it is in being money-savvy and being supportive of him in handling the cash.


    Like "me" said above... I really like MHR too :D Hubby loves reading what I write hehe.

  19. Great post! That's awesome! His knowledge would definitely be life-changing for those who are struggling with financial hardship and debt.


  20. Hi KatyLin...Just came looking for what a happy marriage or at least one that's working looks like!!!

    Congrats! Such beautiful honesty!

    Really I came via Jan's blog to see what's up with a meme called My Husband Rocks! Interesting!

    Thanks! Keep it up!Good encouragement!

  21. awesome!
    blessings from costa rica

  22. What a great asset for your family!

  23. Your hair is super cute dark in that picture! I'm thinking of going dark this fall...would I have to change my blog title from "Three Blondes and a Redhead" to "Two Blondes, a Redhead and a boxed Brunette" - ???


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