Friday, July 4, 2008

~ my husband rocks! Friday ~ Silliness ~

Welcome to yet another wonderful Friday here at the great adventure! I'm so glad that you're joining us for this week's installment of ~my husband rocks! Fridays~

I've always loved that Austin and I can just be silly together! Don't get me wrong, he's a very mature and responsible individual, but he just doesn't take himself too seriously!

Just this Tuesday evening while we were running our Shopper route, (only one week to go, I am soooooo excited . . .) we were both feeling a little bit goofy (the smell of newsprint and dust in the evening, I tell ya), and enjoying our marshmallow pinwheel cookies just laughing and giggling over the silliest things.

This pic is of Hoss with our friends' son Carson. It was taken one Saturday afternoon while we were all shopping in Des Moines. Austin was carrying him through the store at this point. Carson would make a noise, Austin would mimic him, and then Carson would just howl with laughter! This went on most of the way through Target and even a little bit after we got into Barnes & Noble. It was the sweetest thing to watch!

We also like stupid-humor movies. A lot. You know the ones Talladega Nights, Anchor Man, Blades of Glory (what can I say, Will Farrell is hillarious) . . . and while I think they are very funny and entertaining by themselves, I absolutely prefer to watch them with Austin. He has an absolutely infectious laugh, and you know something was REALLY funny when he is laughing too hard to laugh out loud, so he he just kind of snickers through his teeth while trying to get enough oxygen to his brain! Good fun!

I love that we can spend every day together and still have a blast just goofing off! My husband so totally rocks!

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Have a great weekend, and a fabulous 4th of July!


  1. Hi Katy Lin - mmm 1:30am... so you're either going to bed really late or getting up really early...

    That's so heart-warming that you have a husband who can still make you laugh and that you enjoy the same kind of humour too - so you can laugh together. So often husbands and wives have such different senses of humour and don't find the same things funny at all (farting springs to mind for the guys that many women... me included, don't find THAT funny!)

    Happy 4th of July too - it's an important date for all you USA residents from the looks of everyone in the USA blogging about it - it's great to have a historic date to look back on and honour as a nation.

  2. It's great to have a husband that makes you laugh. Laughing is GOOD!! He sounds like a fun guy!!

  3. Fun is good and laughter is better. You will have many precious memories.
    I may not be participating today- I need to get the 4th moving along-hehe.

    hugs to both of you,

  4. Awwwwww...such a sweet story! It's important to laugh together, because it cements the good times in your hearts. For most of us, it's all tooooo easy to focus on the "bad" in our lives.

    Thanks for hostessing this neat event!!


  5. It is the best thing to have a husband be married and still be totally in love with eachother. I treasure that with myself and my husband. I love to hear when others adore the gift that God gave them in their husbad!

  6. There's nothing better than sharing a laugh with your husband! He sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. Here is my My Husband Rocks! link.

    I did it today since we were busy yesterday.


  8. Hi there Katy Lin! What a great idea, thanks for hosting this! Your hub sounds like a good catch. Sweet wedding pic you have there!
    We love Will Farrel too!

  9. Being silly is wonderful! I love it!

    As for a boy or girl, it would be sweet to have another little girl (my husband really wants another girl) but we are excited and blessed for whomever God has for us!

  10. I'm so glad you can be silly with your man. That's so important to just be yourself. I'm glad he loves you for who you are!

    Here's my link for this week. Sorry so late!

  11. Hi Katy Lin,

    We had a fun 4th (too much fun) and now I am playing catch up. I hope you had a lovely weekend.


  12. I'm just now able to leave a comment since the weekend was so busy!

    Growing up, my cousins and I would be so silly together and laugh until we cried, and being able to do that even as I got older was important to me...gotta be silly sometimes! One of the things that let me know my husband was "The One" was the fact that we could be silly and laugh our heads off together like I had not been able to do with anyone else. He makes me laugh to this day!

  13. I love your blog. It is precious. I love the ABC's of me...but the schedule for a day? Too strict for me. Where was nap time? (ha)

    Thanks for coming over last week and cehcking out my blog...

    Melissa at Stretch Marks

  14. You are such a sweetheart and a blessing to your husband...and yes, being silly is the absolute best. It's just so freeing sometimes...good stuff!


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