Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It's Real Raggin Wednesday over at Staci's Heart, and I was remiss last week, so here goes! :)

Today I will rag on . . . GNATS!!! Those pesky things are everywhere this year, and they are driving me to distraction! I cannot recall ever in my short yet full life having a season so utterly teeming with the nasty little buggers! Last night while on the shopper route, I looked across a field and it was literally like a fog of gnats! And they're not just in the fields out in the "country" either - everywhere in town is inundated with them as well! It's enough to make you want to hibernate through the one of the four most beautiful seasons of them all! :)

I suspect that the abnormally large gnat population has something to do with the remaining flood waters. Now that they are receding in most areas (thank the Lord), what's left are gigantic puddles (mini-lakes) in fields that have nowhere to go because the drainage isn't set up for such volume. So, the water sits stagnantly becoming a breeding ground for the disgusting pests!!!

This unexpected phenomenon has the general populace rushing to the various grocery/convenience/drug stores for the following items: vanilla extract (like for baking a cake, or chocolate chip cookies), Absorbene Jr. (as in the arthritis pain medication), and Listerene (such as one would use to combat chronic halitosis). They say that putting vanilla or the A.J. behind your ears, on your wrists, and on your ankles is better than bug spray, and putting the Listerene in a spray bottle and spraying around your deck, porch, patio, or dog run is like fogging! Who knew?

Another thing I never knew is that gnats bite! Seriously! I am currently suffering from a rather painful bite on my right ring finger, very annoying.

As per Staci's rules, I must now forgive the gnats. Gnats, I forgive you, I know that you cannot help but be pesky, it's your nature. I do not pretend to understand the purpose for which you were created, but I do not doubt that there was one. (The Creator's pretty cool like that :) )

Thanks for reading! What do you want to rag on today?


  1. great rag....i cant stand those lil things ethier but whats worse is mesquitos.....blah!!!

  2. Gnats... ick... one of my favorite things about moving from the midwest is the lessening of buggage. I hope the home remedies work!!

    Here's my rag

  3. When I was in high school every summer a group from church would go on a mission trip to Arizona (Klagetoh, to be exact...Navajo reservation) and one year we had "The Attack of the Killer Gnats." Well, maybe not killer, but still. Very annoying. I wish we had known back then about the vanilla, etc, etc. The guys would sit around with their arms covered with Off! and have contests to see how many dead gnats they could collect on their arms. Blech!

  4. Crankiness! I've been so cranky the last couple of days and I really hate it!

    Oh, and by the way, I do have spies, so watch out! ;)

  5. Right now I'm glad I live in the desert- no gnats. We do have scorpions, lots of snakes and other nasty things. O.k, now I think I'd rather not live in the desert.


  6. I completely understand...they're everywhere! My husband swears by tucking a fabric softener sheet into your clothes! I love that you have forgiven them! Have a great holiday weekend!

  7. Katy Lin,
    thank you for stopping by my site. It means alot. And I welcome your prayers!


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