Thursday, August 14, 2008

Special Occasions . . .

Happy Thursday all!


I know, I know, I promised vacation details on Monday and here we are wrapping up Thursday and they have yet to appear.

It's been kind of crazy around here.

I feel like I have been on emotional roller coaster for the last week, the stress of preparing to leave, the excitement and joy of being with my family, the stress of the work computer issues, the crazy pace of all of the fun activities we did with my family, the sadness of goodbyes, the stress of coming back to work and getting my house put back together (I hate unpacking), plus several other emotional issues have combined to make me a wreck. And now I'm whining on my blog. I hate that too!

I'm sorry.

Things finally slowed down (somewhat) and Austin and I were able to enjoy an evening together yesterday. We also got to see and spend some time with our very good friends Tyler and Emma who I had not seen since before we left for vacation (Austin gets to work with Tyler everyday, but that doesn't really count). Everybody was pretty wiped out so we made it home early and got to relax a little bit just the two of us.

It seemed like a nice time to have a glass of wine. Our friend Michael had given us a bottle as a gift and Austin asked if I thought we should open it. Before I could answer, he said, "Or, maybe . . . should we save it for a special occasion?" In a somewhat silly manner, I answered with, "I think life should be a special occasion."

Our little exchange wasn't tremendously deep, and said in a corny, joking attitude, but it really got me to thinking. Life should be a special occasion, a great adventure, if you will (:>). Our time on earth is so short and so fragile, and I sometimes feel like I'm just rushing around with my head down trying to get from one "event" to the next. That is the last thing I want for my life, for my marriage, for my family. For my legacy. I want to be remembered as someone who thrived, someone who "sucked the marrow out of life." I want to use the talents and the personality that God gave me to bring joy and light and ultimately point others to Him!

When I get so caught up in the mineutia of the business of life and forget to live, I don't think that is pleasing or glorifying to God, and I get so bogged down with the stress.

I don't know if I really had a point that I was aiming for, or if it all just came out sounding like a second rate eighth-grade graduation speech full of "seize the day"-type platitudes, but this is where I've been the last few days. Thanks for indulging my introspection. I'll leave you with one of my recent favorite songs:

And a "teaser" pic for the vacation stories that will show up sometime next week!

Austin and myself (in the middle) you know, but the two lovely ladies that you can almost see are my gorgeous sisters. Kindra (middle sister) is on the left and Kelli (baby sister) is on the right!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Welcome back, Katy Lin! I loved every word you wrote here tonight. Just beautiful! The song was perfect too.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your photos when you have the chance --no rush! :-)
    Hugs, Pat

  2. Thank you for the reminder to slow down! The video was beautiful...I've always loved Point Of Grace's harmony.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Where in Iowa are you? I went to the University of Iowa and my little brother now lives just outside of Des Moines in Waukee... so I know the state pretty well. I hope you'll be back to visit again!

  4. Well said Katy Lin, well said! Just the message that has been lingering in my mind recently. Thank you for sharing! It's really good to have you back!


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