Friday, August 15, 2008

~ my husband rocks! ~ Cute!!! *ETA*

It's Friday again! Yay! Thanks for stopping by for another weekly husband brag-fest! I just love this! I'm so excited that so many lovely ladies have chosen to join us! Did you know that there are now more than 50 of us who do this every week!??!?! It just blows my mind! Thank you all!

*Edited to add: One of these special ladies, Jamie over at Rose Cottage, wrote a beautiful post about a Christ-centered marriage earlier this week! Click here to read it!*

This week, my husband rocks because he is so darn cute! :)

Austin has recently started a new job (a couple of months ago) working for a cleaning service that works mostly with insurance companies when there has been water damage or fire damage, or mold, etc. The company is experiencing INCREDIBLE growth right now, and because Austin is such a hard worker and so gifted and intelligent and wonderful we are seeing great benefit from this growth. He was blessed to get hired on at a very crucial time, and he has a fabulous boss, and he gets to work with his best friend, Tyler.


(L-R Tyler and Austin. Totally unrelated pic, but it's just so funny because they're both acting "tough," lol!)

All this to explain why he is so excited! He has been working some crazy hours and they are extremely busy, so he's exhausted most every night when he gets home, but he's just bursting at the seams to talk about everything that is going on and all that they have planned and done during the day. His face lights up, and he's more excited than a kid in a candy store, and he is just so stinking cute!

I guess this post contains several reasons why he rocks, (hard worker, dedicated, passionate) but my main point was, he's such a cutie! And he's hot, too! I mean seriously, look at this:


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Have a great weekend!


  1. How great for both of you that your husband has a great job that he loves :) Happy Friday!

  2. He is a cutie! Oh, wait, Is it okay that I said that? Hee hee!

  3. KatyLin, that is an adorable photo of you two. And, sure enough, he is a cutie! :) I am certain he considers it a blessing to have you there listening to him at the end of each day. )
    Have a blessed day!

  4. That's wonderful about his job! The pic of the two of you is adorable!!!

  5. He is a cutie - you both are!
    Come read about the REAL reason my husband rocks HERE!

  6. Your hubby is so cute! Arent husbands great. Please read about mine at

  7. We are lucky to have married such cute guys huh? (o: Glad that your hubby enjoys his new job - that makes for a very happy man!

  8. You both are so cute together! Yay for a wonderfully hard working, passionate husband. Keep listening to him talk, too, hubbies LOVE that...even when we don't understand what they're talking about :)


    Love the pic of you, too! Happy Friday!

  10. I love the pic of you two dancing! yehaa! :)

  11. Cute pic of the two of you!

    I joined in today, here's a link to mine:

  12. Most of all my husband rocks because he is standing on the Great Rock, Jesus!!

    This is an awesome post! Enjoyed it immensely.

  13. I love how your can't contain your post to just one reason about why your hubby rocks :) It makes me smile that you are bursting with so many wonderful things to tell the world! XOXO

  14. I am late again..we spent the day at the VA but my post is up. :)

    And you know, maybe the hubbies need I ROCK! t shirts!

  15. Awww! He is cute. I bet you just can't help but smile when he starts talking with such enthusiasm!

  16. Hi KatyLin. Hope you have a great weekend.

  17. I love reading your blog and I am thrilled that you choose to live every day of your life. You rock too, dear one.

    A. Geri

  18. Can I just say you both are HOT!
    You are such a cute couple.

    He has been blessed with a job that he is passionate about. That is some kind of wonderful!

    Have a great weekend.


  19. Kathy LIn
    CUTE hubby~ cute couple(:) thanks for sharing ..hugs, Patty

  20. Oh my gosh! You are both so cute! What a wonderful blessing for Austin to have a job he is excited about! All of the pistures are fantastic!

  21. I LOVE the pic of you two dancing. So cute!

    I just noticed that in the top pic your husband and his friend are standing in front of a Fellowship Bible Church; we attend Fellowship Bible Church in Nashville. I know a lot of them are connected. I wonder if these two are....

  22. how wonderful for you & Austin! It is a double bonus when you LOVE your job & are doing great at it!!

  23. Those pics are way too cute! Especially the dancing one. This is my first time, so here is my link!


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