Friday, August 1, 2008

~ my husband rocks!~ interested!

Austin ROCKS! He really does! He is one of those people who is good at everything he attempts! And he is a wonderful husband!

This week I have really appreciated his attentiveness. This was starkly apparent to me one evening as we were laying in bed getting ready to fall asleep. (Pillow talk rocks, one of my favorite parts of being married!)

I was prattling on and on about my blog, technorati, BlogHer, blah, blah, blah, blah, you get the idea! I looked over at him and kind of expected the glazed eyes, "uh-huh" face, but he was paying attention to everything I was saying and taking it all in.

He said, "I honestly don't understand it, but I'm glad that you're enjoying it." Isn't he cute :)

I love that he will take an interest in things that I enjoy simply because I enjoy them. My husband rocks! :)


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  1. What a blessing for him to really care about you & listen to what you have to say...

  2. My husband is a wonderful listener as well. I'm probably less attentive than he is, isn't that awful?

  3. You know, that is so important...Having someone who cares enough to pay attention to the details of your life...

    SInce Marc started co-blogging with me it has been a blast! It has been coolt hat he is now involved in the details!

  4. Never mind Katie is right now..and I spelled it wrong when I commented last time..LOL! talk about illiterate!!

  5. Absolutely! That is one of the best things we do for each other as spouses - take an interest in the others' interests.

    Love it!! Have a great weekend!

  6. What a great husband you have! My husband rocks, too. Come and see!

  7. Aww, sweeeeeeeet! I'm sure I sound like "blah, blah, blah" to Jarrett. LOL

  8. Those are moments that make marriage such a blessing the realization someone in this world cares so much about whatever you have to babble about. Once we leave toddlerhood it hard to find that in someone who isn't our mothers. Here is the link to my reason for the week.

  9. Pillow talk is the best!! Sometimes, we can spend an hour or so talking. The later it gets, the funnier everything seems. We end up laughing so hard that we try not to wake the kids up!

    -- Brandi

  10. He sounds so special! We are blessed women to have these men!

    I had a conversation with someone recently who told me she really appreciated these posts because it gave her hope that marriage is not all about fighting and being mean to each other. That first made me sad that she doesn't have that modeled to her, but then it made me grateful that I have influence over other people with these posts. Thank you AGAIN, Katy Lin, for coming up with this idea!

  11. Oh how wonderful. A husband that listens, truly listens, is a blessing indeed! :) My hubby is a Deputy, and the things he needs to talk about at the end of his day are pretty deep, so I am truly blessed when he sits there as your husband did and just gives his full attention to me chatting about how my garden is growing, or what our dog did today, etc... LOL. What a gift you have in a listening husband. :)

  12. That's great - I need to keep pinching my husband in bed when I'm trying to chat to him about something - he's more interested in sleeping.

  13. How does My Husband Rocks work? On Friday do I just come here and leave a comment about my post or do I get added to the blogroll of ladies and work it that way?

    I love this idea...but am wondering about those things!!!

    Much love, Kristen
    exemplified (at) rocketmail (dot) com

  14. Hi Katy!
    Awesome post! Don't you just love it when they REALLY ARE interested in what we are doing? I think it's so wonderful that they care enough to at least TRY. My hubby has been a little involved in my blog and I love it. sometimes he'll just kneel down next to me sitting at the computer and read the posts with me or help me pick photos for my post. I think that's so sweet! We have great guys don't we?
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Sherry

  15. That is so sweet! It means a lot to me when my husband checks my blog -- and especially if he takes the time to read one of my posts!

  16. That's great he actually hears what you say! Men are so bad about pretending to listen...I know Tom can be guilty of that every once in a while. But I do tend to talk a LOT so I can't really blame him! lol

  17. Wow, what a great meme!!

    I'll be joining in soon.

    Today we celebrate our 30th anniversary, He keeps on rocking!!



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