Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bring the Rain . . .

If you have never visited Angie's blog or read the story about their daughter Audrey Caroline, today would be a great day to do so.

Angie is a very, very talented writer, and today (I guess she actually posted it on Sunday, but I read it today) she has articulated so beautifully how we can love a God who lets bad things happen. Praise the Lord for Angie and her family (her husband, Todd, is part of Selah) who have allowed Him to use a terribly painful situation to glorify His name and draw others to Himself. Be prepared to cry . . . a lot.

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  1. I love her blog! I have never commented there, but enjoy seeing her faith poured onto the page so beautifully. I haven't read this latest post, so will have to pop over.

  2. Hi Katie Lin,

    What a spirit filled post. God is good and everything that happens is for his glory. Thank you so much for the link. Beautiful!

    many hugs,

  3. Hi KatyLin

    I have an award on my blog, just waiting for you to pick-up and post on yours! Congrats!


  4. Hi Katy Lin,

    Please stop by. There is a little something waiting for you.


  5. Hi Kaity...thanks so much for recommending this blog. I read it and wept. She is a very inspiring writer. Loved it. Thanks again!

  6. Katy Lin- thank you so much for posting this link. I spent all last night reading it and feel so blessed to have found it.

  7. I can't visit her blog very often, I get a headache everytime from crying. Seriously. I cry each and every time I read her blog. It's amazing.


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