Thursday, February 19, 2009

MHR Inspiration #11

Hello and happy Thursday everyone!!! Where do these weeks go? I cannot believe that it is already Thursday again! I promise that my blog will not always be a simply Thursday/Friday MHR event! I will at some point begin my regularly scheduled programming and visiting around at everyone else's blogs, too! Sorry that I've been such a slacker lately!


I really enjoy researching and finding different articles and challenges for us every week, but if any of you have found a great resource that I've missed, please shoot me an e-mail to let me know! (katylinvw{at}yahoo{dot}com) I love finding new sites and blogs and ministries that focus on our marriages.

Speaking of Focus on Marriage, has anyone registered, or is anyone thinking about attending one of thes simulcasts? It looks SOOOOOOOOO great! The date is Saturday, February 28th, so there's still more than a week to find a location near you!

This week I started out with more than a dozen articles that I really liked, and I was able to narrow it down to three. They are all phenomenal, so if you have time, please check them out, or bookmark them to read later! :)

Loaded Question
by Eva Marie Everson

How to Have a Happy Husband
by Lindsey Meier

Respect Your Husband (Even If You Don't Think He "Deserves" It)
by Nancy C. Anderson


Prompt/Theme for Friday, February 20, 2009

Share your favorite "married moment" from the past couple of weeks. Anything that was special, made you smile, or made you feel all "warm and fuzzy" :)



1. Ask your hubby the "loaded question" from the first article, and dilligently follow through on his request.

2. Implement the "VIP" system from the third article in the way you relate to your spouse.

3. Pick one piece of advice from the "How to Have a Happy Husband" article to focus on improving in yourself.

Thanks for reading everybody! Hope you have a phenomenal day, can't wait to read all about your rocking hubbies tomorrow!!!


  1. Can't wait to read the articles and try out those challenges in the coming week. :-) This is my second time posting a MHRs and I am enjoying the ability to give him a little praise to you all. Have a blessed day!

  2. I love this meme! I just posted my first MHR post!


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