Friday, February 6, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ laughter & fun

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2. Tell the story of a memory about your husband that brings you a smile and a giggle every time you think about it!

I picked this topic thinking that it was going to be so easy to come up with the perfect memory to share, but my problem was that there are soooooooooooo many!!! Austin is the kind of guy that makes even the most mundane of situations fun and enjoyable, and he has always been able to make me laugh regardless of my initial mood.

First I was thinking of telling you all about the time that we were driving between college and Colorado, and Austin saw flashing lights behind us. Thinking he was going to be pulled over, he quickly took the nearest exit ramp only to watch an ambulance go screaming past! (teehee, that one makes me giggle every time)

Or, I could talk about the horseback riding tour we took on our honeymoon where Austin quickly befriended the other family in our group as well as our tour guide with his gregarious personality, then enjoyed immensely pretending that he was John Wayne and galloping off into the sunset.

Even when we were doing all the work on the house, we had a blast! I remember one Saturday in particular, it was a "haul-out" day after we had a TON of debris on the floors from the demolition process we would rent a huge roll-off dumpster and shovel the chunks of plaster and lath and drywall and trim and termite-eaten wood into the bucket of a skid-loader and then Austin would drive it around and dump it into the dumpster. This particular Saturday, it was just the two of us working at the house, and it was HOT! The house had no air conditioning at the time, and we were working on the second floor. There were several times during the day where we looked at the mess around us and thought that we would never finish, but when the sun was going down and we were sitting in the bucket of the skid loader, drinking our Vault, we were both so happy that we had gotten so much done! It was not a particularly fun job, but I remember that being such a satisfying day because we had accomplished something huge together!

But one of my absolute favorite memories took place when we were in Switzerland with a group from our college. We had just spent three weeks in France as a missions trip, and one of the girls in our group lived in Switzerland, right on Lake Geneva, so we spent a week at her home before going back to Paris for the trip home. One evening while we were there, her entire family came to her parents' house, where we were staying, including her older sister, and her little niece Klalia, who had to be about 6 months old at the time. Austin spent a good amount of time on the floor that evening playing with Klalia, and making her squeal with laughter. I had never seen him so enjoy a little one, and it was precious to watch. I was able to catch a picture of that moment, and I love it because he has the most genuinely happy smile on his face! :) I love that memory.



~ Set an appointment with your hubby to have a "goals and dreams" talk as described in the first article.

~ If you already know some of your husbands goals and dreams, be intentional about encouraging him and helping him to reach them.


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  1. Oooh, these are good! I'm going to have to think of one...

  2. Thanks for this awesome service to marriages! Here's my very first one.

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  4. Austin is a pretty neat guy...I have always thought that about him... You guys rock together!!!

  5. Done! And not at midnight! Amazing! LOL!

  6. I joined you. I can't figure out how to link to my post???

    Thanks for the writing prompts. I had fun remember why my husband rocks!

  7. Haha! Pretty funny:) The last one is super sweet. Nothing like seeing your guy with a little baby!

  8. What great stories! My DH too has given me many memories to look back and smile upon. I'll have to think of one to share..

  9. It sounds like you're blessed with an awesome man. It's great to spend your life with someone who makes you laugh.

  10. Aww its great that he makes you laugh!!

    So, in honor of Valentine's Day, I did a post ( blogs that I *love* and you're on that list! Thanks for hosting My Husband Rocks Friday every week!

  11. Hi KatyLin...great stories! :) Hope you are doing well over all. Stop by when you can. *hugs*

  12. I was wondering why I hadn't read this, then I realized I was out of town last Friday!

    I bet seeing Austin with that baby was SO sweet. He will make such a good daddy one of these days!


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