Friday, February 20, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Married Moments :)

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As a relatively-newly married woman (1 year, 4 months, and change), I am constantly surprised and excited at all of the wonders of marriage. Don't get me wrong, I'm constantly surprised (in the not always positive way) at the difficulties of marriage, too; however, this week I have been reminded of the special little moments I get to enjoy being married to my best friend, and the love of my life.

For example, Hoss was on a business trip last Wednesday, Thursday, and did not pull into the driveway until I was leaving for work on Friday morning. It had been a VERY quick trip driving straight down to Alabama, staying one night, picking up a vehicle, and driving straight back through the middle of the following night. So, needless, to say, he was exhausted.

A couple of things happened in conjunction to the trip that made my heart get the flutters :)

On Thursday, while he was driving between Alabama and home (I think he was somewhere near Nashville at the time), we were chatting on the phone for a quick minute when I headed out for lunch, and I before we signed off, I said "I miss you." To which he replied, "I know it's silly since I've only been gone for a day, but I really miss you, too." :)

And on Friday night, he fell asleep on the couch around 6:30, and rather than go upstairs at our normal bedtime, we decided to stay on the couches and "camp out" in the family room. It made for some stiff necks the next morning, but it was just one of those silly things that was special because we did it together.



1. Ask your hubby the "loaded question" from the first article, and dilligently follow through on his request.

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  1. Love that you were so spontaneous to spend the night on the couch - it's the spontaneity that keeps things interesting, right?

  2. Aww, that's so cute! My hubby camped out on the couch with me once, but it was sort of under duress and I was sick. But I think it's great to not take life too seriously just because you're "old married folk"! lol... Thanks again for doing MHR, I look forward to it each week! :)

  3. Here's mine:

  4. Sweet memories!

  5. How very sweet! It's fun to shake up the routine once in a while.

  6. I used to HATE it when Sound Man worked in sales and had to be gone overnight, or even worse, a week at a time. We would talk on the phone until one of us just couldn't keep our eyes open any longer (usually him...I'm a night owl!). Those were sweet times on the phone but I'm glad I have him here with me now! : )


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