Friday, September 11, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Joy in the Journey :) ETA

Edited to Add: Nicole over at Taulman Times posted a VERY important clarification to today's prompt! Even if you don't read my post, be sure to go here to read hers! :) Thanks Nicole!

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Austin is definitely much at fulfilling the joy-giver role in my life than I am in his. He is just a delightful human being and he has an excellent sense of humor, so it seems that I am always laughing in his presence :) and he always makes a concerted effort to get me smiling when I start out in a frustrated or angry frame of mind.


Because he is such a naturally observant person, he is good at recognizing what brings me joy, and when I need a boost the most! He also thinks things through far more thoroughly than anyone I've ever met, so every decision he makes is based on his knowledge both of what I want and like, and what would be best for our family - that alone brings me more joy than I will ever be able to fully express!


We seem to spend a lot of time in a vehicle. Between road trips to Colorado, weekend trips around the state, our Shopper route (ahhh, memories), and countless jaunts to various home-improvement emporiums, we have logged many driving hours together. Some of my favorite memories of times together are during those hours. We are each others' captive audiences, and a lot of the time we have to keep each other awake, so a lot of silliness ensues :)


I thank the Lord every day for one more day to spend with the love of my life! He is definitely a blessing and is an expert at being my chief joy-giver :)



. . . make your life-goal to become the primary joy-giver in your spouse's world.

This is a doozy, I know, but how amazing would it be if this was truly our life-goal? This is definitely going in my prayer journal!


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Hope you all have a fantastic Friday, and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Katy Lin

    Thank you for your comment. I REALLY, REALLY hope you were not offended by what I wrote in my post. It was in NO WAY intended to be a negative comment toward you!

    I want you to know that your MMR idea, and blog as a whole, has been a HUGE blessing to both me and my husband. It certainly puts a smile on his face every week and it gives me something to really think about all week! It has me looking for the positives in my husband, no matter what kind of week we are having. Thank you for this forum!!!!

    This is my second marriage. I learned the HARD WAY about trying to be someone else's happiness and expecting someone to be mine. It's just not possible long-term. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to put a huge smile on our spouse's face every single day!

    You and Austin are adorable!!! Keep loving each other and you will remain happily married forever!


  2. I think that it is much the same in our house. Jeff just naturally puts out that aura of joy! Wow! That photo of you guys and that snake!

  3. OK.....what are you doing holding that monster snake?! You are Ka-razy!


    My post for the week is up! I wrote it before I saw the prompt! Sorry!



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