Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Birthday Bash: A Husband's Covering

Today we will enjoy the first of our guest bloggers!!! Sarah Mae at Like a warm cup of coffee is one of my oldest blogging friends. She has been there since the very beginning, in fact, she commented on my very first MHR post! She is also one of the most talented bloggers I know. Her series Marriage is Hard is chock full of great insight and wisdom. She has also written a great series called "Ex Prep" - Does your husband have ALL of your heart? She always delights and challenges me with her incredible depth of insight, and today's guest post is no exception, so without further ado:

A Husband's Covering

Life can sure beat us up sometimes. As if it isn't enough that we deal with our own lies and wounds, many times we also have to deal with attacks from the enemy. It is on those days that I am especially grateful for my husbands covering.

What Is A Husband's Covering?

For me it is a place of safe vulnerability. I am willing to give up myself and surrender to my husbands protection and wisdom. It is vulnerable because I am essentially saying, "here I am, I trust you to take care of me and make wise decisions on my behalf." It is safe because the Lord has granted a husband the special place of "head" over his wife. If God ordains something, I know I can trust it...I know it is a safe (albeit sometimes scary) place to be.

When we feel discouraged, we run to the feet of Jesus. But you know what, we can also run to the arms of our husbands (instead of our girlfriends) and let them help us. We need to be asking our husbands what they think, and then we need to be willing to accept their covering over us and heed their advice. I have found so much freedom in doing what my husband thinks is best. At first there was fear (what if he's wrong?), but now there is trust. I trust God, who put my husband over me for my good, to work things out for His glory.

Even when I'm tossed in the waves.

Even when I think I know what is best.

Even when his covering isn't quite perfect.

I choose to place myself in the safe, vulnerable covering of my husband.

Try it, if you haven't. It's turns out to be a pretty tranquil place.

"A head is given to a woman for protection, safety, and shelter. We must not run from the safety of our own head....The woman must cultivate a very high view of her head, both the position God has given him over her, as well as the authority God has given him. When woman adopt this high view, submission is seen in an entirely different light. Submitting to someone whom God has placed over you with loving authority is a relief, not a burden." Nancy Wilson,The Fruit of her Hands



  1. I don't know how you do it but you so sweetly articulate the words my heart would say if it were able ... "I trust God, who put my husband over me for my good, to work things out for His glory." Beautiful!

  2. This was a great post and really spoke to my heart. Admittedly this is something I struggle with because of past hurt and problems in my marriage but it's also something that I want to change and grow in. Thanks!

  3. I have to teach ladies Bible study tomorrow and had no idea what to teach, this has given me an amazing idea and thought.

    Thank you for your eloquent words that touch the soul and heart of the matter.

  4. I love this. Our husbands are a great place of refuge. I know when I am struggling I can go to him for help or just to have him hear me out. He takes great interest in me and whatever issues I may be having. He never writes me off as a burden and I love him so much for it.

  5. Twenty three years God gave me an amazing man. It took me a few years to realize the he was there to be my protection. Oh, how grateful I am to my husband and his knowledge and faith in God.

    Wonderful, wonderful post!

    God is so Good!

  6. I love how Sarah Mae said "even when his covering isn't perfect". God knows our husbands aren't perfect, yet He placed them where they are for us! I, for one, am very grateful for that protection.

  7. What if your husband doesn't want to cover you at all?


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