Friday, June 26, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ perfect fit . . .

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It never ceases to amaze me how well Austin and I fit together. It's almost as if we were . . . made for each other! lol!

Okay, I know that sounds really corny, but it's absolutely the truth. But not in the way that it's portrayed in movies and books and on TV. In the Hollywood version of made-for-each-other-ness, the stars align, there are violins and fireworks, and the main characters just "know."

I'm finding, though, that in the "real world" it's even more wonderful because you find out a little bit at a time. The pieces coming together a little more every day. I think that is so much better than a huge "a-ha!" moment, because what can compare to that one moment? We're learning to treasure the tiny moments :)

Some of the pieces were obvious, like the ones in the first picture. Austin is a financial whiz, and I'm definitely not. Where I'm emotional, he's logical. I am consistently in awe when I see another area in which where I leave off, he picks up, and vice versa.

Some of the ways that we mesh together are a lot more like this:

(Yes, those are puzzle pieces, to see them put together, click here, how cool is that?)

Can't help lovin' that man of mine! Praise the Lord for this beautiful mystery called marriage! :)


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  1. Here's mine for the week! LOVE that you do this...keeps me on track of making it a point to speak about the positive things regarding my husband!

  2. That's great! I too feel that God gave my husband to me. My weak areas are my DH's strengths. We have been married almost 15 years and I am still finding ways that God has blessed me through/with him. God knows what we need better than we do. ;o)

  3. Mine is short and SWEET! :-)

  4. Hi there Katy Lin! I just discovered this wonderful blog and put up my post for My Husband Rocks! Can you put mine up as well? By the way, should I submit the article to you every week like this or is it once-and-done? Thanks so much for hosting this!! What a fabulous idea!!

  5. What a fun post. I haven't joined in on this for awhile. Sorry :-(. But I do love reading yours!!

  6. Loved your post with the puzzle pieces, awesome!

  7. Great post! My sweet, loving man took extra special care of me when I really, really needed him this week!


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