Friday, June 19, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Birthday Bash Edition: He's Proud of Us :)

Today is the final day of our Birthday Bash Extravaganza!!! I have had so much fun! Thank you everyone who has participated thus far - especially our giveaway sponsors and guest-bloggers!!! You are all fantastic!


Click here to read about why I started MHR Fridays!


Whenever we meet new people, or spend time with people that we don't see very often, we get to talking about our life. You know, the house, work, the dog, and invariably in the course of the evening the blog will come up.

Anyone who has blogged for any amount of time know that most people who you spend time with IRL don't usually "get" blogging. And if we're honest with ourselves, we didn't really "get" it until we were bloggers, it's the nature of the beast, lol :)

So, whenever the topic of my little blog comes up IRL conversation, I tend to kind of gloss over it and hope to be able to move on without the other members of the conversation thinking I'm crazy or wierd :) Not Austin, he likes to go into vivid detail about my hits and followers and comments, etc. And you know what? He usually focuses most of his emphasis on MHR. Not in an egotistical "My wife writes all about me every week" kind of way, in fact nine times out of ten he probably doesn't even read the MHR posts about him. What he loves about the whole thing is the impact it has had on the other couples who participate. And he gets MHR, probably more than anyone else I know IRL, he really understands the whole point and purpose behind what we do, and he is so proud of us :)

If you ever get to hear him talk about it, you'll see what I mean. He can explain the hows and the whys and the whatnots of it WAY better than I can! I sure love that hubby of mine :)


Be sure to check in with the other ladies who are bragging on their rocking hubbies today by clicking on the "My Husband Rocks Participants" button in the left sidebar.

I am the only person who has the ability to add blogs to the MHR blogroll. If you are a MHR blogger, and have not been added to the blogroll, plase comment or e-mail me at katylinvw{at}yahoo{dot}com and I will gladly add you to our little group!!!

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If you're not a blogger, but still want the world to know about your amazing husband (or wife, or husband to be, or wife to be, etc.) leave a shout-out in the form of a comment! If you're unable to comment, e-mail me at katylinvw [at] yahoo [dot] com and I'll add your shout out to this post!

As always, on Fridays Union 28 will refund your shipping on any order of two or more items if you mention the great adventure and ~my husband rocks! Fridays~ in the "how did you hear about us?" section of your order form, so run on over there and check them out, too! Thank you Union 28!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

P.S. If you write a MHR post today, be sure to comment back here with a link to it because maybe, just maybe, it may be worth some extra giveaway entries (a lot of extra giveaway entries)!!!


  1. I did a post today -

    As it's my first, can I be added to the blogroll?

  2. That's great that he encourages you that way!
    I did a MHR today, too!
    It's here.

  3. Great Post! I would like to be added to your blogroll. Thanks.

  4. Hi Katy Lin! I have posted my first MHR Friday post! Thank you SO MUCH for hosting this! I think I even have a few pals who have started!! Please make sure you add me to your participants list!!

  5. I'm working on it RIGHT now:

  6. Hi - I am so excited about this. Not only did I do my first MHR blog - but I've also made a purchase from Union 28. I'm so excited - I've been looking for something cute to get for my sister who is getting married in September and found exactly what I was looking for today! Thanks so much!!!


  7. Had fun doing my first MHR post today.

    Would love to be added to the blogroll.

  8. This is my first time posting MHR! And I loved it!!! It is such a great reminder!!!
    Your blog is adorable and I'd love to be added to the blogroll, as I will definitely be participating on a regular basis!

  9. My Husband Rock--AT THE MOVIES!

    Thanks KatyLin!

  10. Of course I posted today! Happy 1st birthday MHR!

  11. Hi there, I do My Husband Rocks Monday! It is really fun and I wonder if he ever reads it...


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