Thursday, July 23, 2009

MHR Inspiration #15

I was blog-hopping earlier this week, and I found this post:

Tour de Vie

Mike is one of the coolest people I know. I have known him all of my life, and I absolutely adore his family! He is a published author whose books I have read multiple times. He is also in the mist of a battle with Lymphoma, and his blog OPEN Mike is always full of his passionate, and often poignant, musings on writing, cancer, and life in general.

The Tour de Vie post really struck me, and I decided to use it as our MHR inspiration this week :)

Especially to the last portion that says:
If you had to name your Team, the one group with which you most identify, would it be family, friends, schoolmates, work associates, church members, ministry partners? When was the last time you served them as a domestique?

If you can’t recall, do something tactical and supporting for a teammate by the time the Tour de France concludes on Sunday.

This is our prompt and our challenge for this week. What are some practical ways we can "do something tactical and supporting" for our most important teamemate - our husbands? (That's the prompt.) Do it! (That's the challenge.)


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  1. Wow .. that's hard! My husband is usually the domestique, now that I think about it. I will definitely have to think on this one!


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