Friday, July 17, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ the garage sale . . .

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Last weekend (and this weekend, too . . . but that's another story), we held our very first garage sale. Not the first we've ever seen or been to, but the first garage sale we have . . . hosted (?) . . . is that the correct garage sale vocabulary? Lol!

I'm not sure why, but I tend to let myself get VERY stressed out about things like that - and last Friday morning I was mega-stressed. I had orchestrated several things that didn't come together "in time" (in my opinion) and I was hugely frustrated.

Austin took the time while we were getting ready for work to hug me and help me figure out how to rearrange my schedule to let everything come together well. I was able to leave work early, and when he got home at the normal time he came out to my little cashier table and made sure I had a snack and some water to drink - it was WAY hot!

And then, on Saturday he sat outside with me all day long :) What a great hubby I have!

This is a pic from our
4th of July weekend in Davenport :)


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  1. Finished mine for this week!

  2. That's so sweet. I need to have a garage sale. I just need a place to have it!


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