Friday, January 2, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ New Year's Resolutions

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As you may have read earlier this week, I am doing a 101 things in 1001 days list instead of writing traditional resolutions.

The "Marriage" section of my list reads like this:

12. {Private} :)(1/286)
13. Go on one date/month - just the two of us.(0/33)
14. Go to a marriage conference with Austin.
15. Read every book on The Best Christian Marriage Books list.(1/16)
16. Start a family night - one night each week w/ no TV, but do something else together!(0/143)
17. Give Austin a massage at least 3x/week (1/429)

In addition to these things, I know that the items in the homekeeping section of my list will also have positive repercussions on our marriaage, as a neat and tidy home is very important to Austin - as well as being something that I am not naturally very good at. Working on these habits is another way that I will communicate my respect for Austin.


Austin is such a sweetheart, and we have had an amazing year! Although I would not say that we have no had our share of rough patches and hard days, but our first full year as a married couple has been spectacular and memorable!

This week he surprised me by taking me to a 50's Sock Hop New Year's Eve party!!! It was a costume party (pics will be up soon), and we had a great time! Thanks for a great 2008, hunny! I'm looking forward to many more great years! Love you!


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  1. A 50's sock hop, how fun!

    You have great resolutions. Your marriage will be blessed.

  2. A sock hop sounds like so much fun! What a wonderful surprise:) Happy 2009 to both of you!

  3. Katy Lin, you and Austin have such a sweet relationship! He's such a great husband, but you know what? You're a great wife!

    BTW, I'm listening to Amy Grant's "Baby Baby" and it's taking me back to Australia! You have a great playlist! : )

  4. I LOVE the idea of a new year's sock hop! Wish there would've been one near us!

    My post is here.

  5. I have a Happy Hubby Friday on my blog for today that goes along with your Husband Rocks idea! Love it!

  6. Hi Katy Lin! Hey, I just wanted to tell you about the book, "Creative Counterpart" by Linda Dillow. You may have already read it or it may be on your list already, but if not, you HAVE to read it! This book saved our marriage and completely changed my perspective on my husband and my role as a wife. It's all about being the Proverbs 31 wife, given to me by my sweet mentor our 2nd year of marriage (we celebrate 10 years this July!). Anyway, it's a must read!

  7. Hey Katy Lin,
    LOVE the sock hop thing!!! Wish we had one around here, that would have been fun!
    Love the resolutions too! :)

    I know it's 4 minutes after midnihgt, so my post has turned to a here is the link to my MHR Friday post this week. :)

  8. It's midnight! But, I did finally get to my post!

  9. I love the 101 in 1001 - I started a list but never finished it. I should try doing it again. :)

  10. Great resolutions! :)

    I've given you two blog awards...see here for details:


  11. My hubby post is up a little late, but it is up.

    my husband rocks

    Hope you have a great New Year!!!

  12. How exciting! That sounds like me and my husband a bit, the one date a month thing was on my list, and I also am trying to have a more tidy house as it's important to both of us, but more so him. How nice it is to see other people striving for the same things, going through the same things...etc. Anway Happy New Year!


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