Friday, April 24, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Romance on a Budget ala Love, Actually

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Good morning, and happy Friday everybody!!! I hope that you have all had a fantabulous week!

Yesterday, if you were able to make it through my long ramblingness you found a link to Love, Actually! The adorable Cher has created a place to help everyone inject a little "romance on a budget" into their relationships! I LOVE it!!! So today, in addition to our "love ya hunny" shout outs to our hunka-hunkas, we're sharing our creative romance ideas!

The Note

One of my favorite, inexpensive ways, to be romantic is the ever-flexible, always appropriate love note.

I especially enjoy utilizing this tool when Austin is going to be away from home on a business trip, or when our schedules conflict so that we do not get to see each other as much as we normally do.

I know that this does not seem especially creative; however, the creativity comes in in the delivery factor. Sometimes, I make up a packet of little envelopes, one for each day, and sneak them into the top of his suitcase for him to find when he arrives at his destination. Sometimes I am even more diabolical and hide little notes in his pants pockets or in his shoes or in-between his toiletries to be little "I'm thinking of you" surprise reminders throughout his trip.

The reason this factors into the budget is it is always (almost) free! If your house is anything like ours, you have tons of random notebooks and pads of paper and note cards in any given drawer or shelf. And even if you want to make them very decorative and unique, you can buy some pretty paper on the cheap almost anywhere (think Dollar Tree, not necessarily Archivers :D).


Austin had a super rocking moment last night - in a moment where I was showing off my not-so-rocking side, lol!

We purchased a new snowblower/lawn mower machine (I know that there is a much more technical term for this device, I just cannot think of it at the moment) this winter, so last night, since it is getting nice and the grass is growing, Austin was working outside switching it from the snowblowing functionality to the lawn mower persona. And I was putzing around the kitchen doing some dishes, folding some laundry, you know - girl stuff, lol! (j/k) when I discovered that even though I empty my lint trap out regularly like a good homekeeper, there is still a ton of lint that gets trapped inside the little cagey part of my dryer! Try as I might to get it out of there I could find no device small enough to reach down to the bottom and bring back up with it the offending lint.

My knight in shining armor (actually at that point it was slightly on the dirty side t-shirt - he had been laying on the ground working on the lawn mower) chose that opportune moment to be done working outside and come in to rest for the evening. Me being the always-considerate of his time wifey that I am pounced on him the second he was through the door with "How am I supposed to do this?" (imagine a sightly annoyed - yes - even a little whiny tone). At that point he could have said - "Honey, I'm hot and tired and would rather work on that later." But he didn't. He just got out his little drill, took a couple of screws out of the inside of our dryer and proceeded to vacuum out the inside! Not only did he not put me off, he did the job for me! - Isn't he great! :)

(I wanted really bad to take a pic of him with his head inside the dryer, but I thought he might not appreciate the angle too much :D)


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Hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and a fantastic weekend!


  1. Good morning and Happy Friday :)

  2. i love it! wtg austin!

    i guess I leave notes for Mike too - usually when I have to leave for work before he does!

  3. I used to leave notes for Sound Man more often before we had Kiddo...I need to start doing that again. I have also sent him letters or cards "just because" to his office so he'd get them without expecting anything in the mail. He loves that!

  4. That's funny that we had the same "chore" for our husbands this week! :) I DID take a picture. LOL!!!

  5. Great meme, I totally took it up and hope to do it often. How important, to remember the great gift given to us in a good husband. :)

  6. I love this idea! I will be blogging about why my husband rocks each Friday!

  7. I sometimes leave notes in his suitcase/lunch box. Sometimes I put a piece of sexy undies instead. ;-)

    Here's my MHR for this week:

  8. I love notes!! I do the same thing.
    I was a day late with my post:) Oops! I also stole your "8 things" meme! Have a wonderful weekend!


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