Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

Today is a big day for our family! My dad, who I first introduced to you all in this post, turns the big 5-0!!!

Dad, I hope you have the best, most memorable 50th ever! To celebrate, I decided to post some of my favorite pics:

Dad & Hoss looking gangsta in their "Groom" & "Father of the Bride" hats

My dad is a wonderful man!
He is an amazing husband, watching him love my mom for the past twenty-some years has been such an inspiration and has made me want that for my marriage!

Dad & his girlies on our wedding day

He is also a fantastic father!
My sisters and I have never doubted how very much he loves us and only wants the very best for us!

Dad & his bride in their early married years

He has spent his entire life serving the Lord in one ministry capacity or another. When I was very little, he was the director of a church camp in the mountains. When I was seven years old, he resigned from that position to start a church with a small group of families. He served as the pastor of that church for several years. During that time he also taught math at Colorado Springs Christian High School. In 2004 the church closed its doors, and the Lord made a way for Dad to go back to the camp to the same director's position!

Mom & Dad on their 25th Anniversary

He is also hillarious! Some of my favorite childhood memories include little more than the family sitting around the kitchen table laughing our heads off!

The four of us enjoying dinner on one of their visits to our home

Dad is a very talented musician!
He plays the piano incredibly well for someone who only had a handful of lessons, and I have always loved to listen to him sing. He led music at our church quite a bit, and his special numbers were especially beautiful!

our exciting rafting excursion during our trip out last summer

Not only does he sing in a performance setting, he is a firm believer in the "there is a song for every situation" philosophy! Music filled my childhood growing up, and that is something that I praise the Lord I have found in my husband as well (they do say that you look for someone who reminds you of your dad, right?)

this one makes me smile :)

Love you, Daddy! Life with you has always been an adventure!

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  1. Awww, what a sweet tribute him! Happy Birthday to your Daddy!


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