Friday, July 31, 2009

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Responsible!

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My fabulous hubby, Austin, is a very responsible individual.

I've posted before about how great he is with money, how concerned he is for me and my welfare, what a great spiritual leader he is, how he takes care of me when I'm sick, and how seriously he takes his role as my protector, so I won't go on and on about all of that, lol!

However, just this past week, he has shown me - in a lot of varying areas - how much he earnestly desires to make good decisions and take care of me, and our family.

The first one came last Friday when we were riding the bike trail around our town.

No, that's not us,
I just thought it was a cool pic

Somehow we got separated, and somehow - miracle of miracles - I ended up getting ahead of him and beat him home. (That never happens!) To this day neither of us can figure out how that happened, but that's not even really the point. When he rode up the driveway, he looked rather cross (to say the least). After he pulled in, we proceeded to have a quite lenghty argument discussion about sticking together on the bike trail. Honestly, at the time, I didn't feel like he was rocking very much, but looking back on the situation I am able to see through the fabulous 20/20 hindsight goggles that he was just very worried about me - he ended up adding 2 miles to his ride just waiting and looking for me!

Another area where he takes his responsibilities very seriously is our house.

Thank the Lord,
we are f-a-a-a-a-a-r past THIS stage,
but, you get the idea

We are getting V-E-R-Y close to being finished, and all of the final touches, not to mention the time limits and pressure from the bank on the financial side of the coin, are causing Austin a HUGE amount of stress. I so appreciate that he cares enough - and is a responsible enough individual - to worry about these things. Although I pray that his worrying will not be detrimental and that he will ultimately trust in God to take care of those things which are out of our control; it speaks very highly of his character that he concerns himself with the whole project :) And he is truly very talented at every piece he has tackled thus far. He is also wise enough to know when something is beyond his ability and how to ask for help!

And last, but certainly not least:

He's taking me here:

Well, maybe not exactly here,
but isn't this a gorgeous view?

That's right, we're going to Colorado to be with my family and spend the week (the whole group of us) in the same condo where Austin and I spent our honeymoon! I am soooooo looking forward to this trip, spending time with my family and friends from home, and relaxing in the beautiful mountain scenery and sunshine!


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  1. Your post is wonderful. Sometimes we take for granted all of the wonderful things our husbands do for us on a daily basis.

  2. He has it going on! Man, house stuff can absolutely stress you out! My husband can attest to that!

  3. Great post!


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