Wednesday, November 19, 2008

5AM Club! & NaNoWriMo Blues


5AM is a darkly hour;
My body says, "It's night."
But rise I shall,
'Cause I'm a 5AM Gal
And the Lord gives me the might.


The above poem was written by Lisa over at Stop and Smell the Chocolates in reference to the 5AM Club started by Sarah Mae at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. Lisa is a member, and so am I. The purpose of our little group is to intentionally set a time every day, first thing in the morning, to spend some quality time with the Lord. And let me tell you what - whoooey! 5:00 comes pretty early, in case you were confused. But these ladies have all committed to it (the exact time is different for everybody, but . . .) and we have also committed to praying for each other to be able to keep this committment. (Not a great sentence, but I think it makes sense.) I have always struggled with maintaining a consistent time for my quiet times, but I am loving the 5AM Club, even though it is early, and even though it is cold outside of our warm covers, I believe that this accountability is exactly what I needed!


On another note, I am behind on my NaNoWriMo. By exactly 13,814 words. Thirteen. Thousand. Words. People!!! This is craziness! Now, I am not throwing in the towel, because that is what I always do. I am not good at sticking with anything that is, well, not easy, so I have decided that I will finish these 50,000 words if it kills me - and it just might. I think I have hit what some seasoned Wrimos have called "the wall" - only it's lasted for about 5 days, so I really need to get back on track!


That's where I'm at on this beautiful Wednesday.

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Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. This is Skip to my Lou. I would love to give you the details about winning my contest. Please e-mail me. If you are unable to accept I will pass it along in the next few days!

    Thanks so much! I hope to hear from you soon!



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