Thursday, November 6, 2008



It probably comes as no surprise that I was less than pleased with the results of Tuesday's presidential election. I was honestly hugely disappointed; however, in my blog reading this morning, I happened upon this post by Beth Moore, and found myself very convicted by what she had written.

I admit, I had a pretty bad attitude going to bed on Tuesday night, and Austin really humbled me by asking "So, you're saying God did not see this coming?"


Today, I have decided three things:

1) Complaining, griping, grousing, and pouting about the outcome of Tuesday's election will not change anything. It will only frustrate me and everyone around me.

2) Refusing to respect the man who was elected by the majority of American citizens is not only unfair (as I would expect others to respect McCain had he been elcted) it is downright sinful.

3) My God is still on the only true throne, and places people in position of authority according to His will. And, I hate to spoil the surprise, but I've read the end, and we win! :)

So, I will continue to pray for our nation, and our new president. It cannot possibly be an easy job, and he has a lot of difficult decisions to make in the weeks and months ahead.

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Hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday!


  1. I am so pleased to be the first to comment, Katy, I couldnt agree more from first to last. I was totally dismal at first, but the peace that passes all understanding has overshadowed me beneath His wings and now is a time to sit back in pece, observe, and discern. Be blessed!

  2. I kinda had a feeling this would happen, so I didn't pout for too terribly long. That man just gives me the chills...I don't trust him. I pray he'll prove me and many others wrong.

    And I'm THRILLED that you linked to Beth Moore's blog - what a find! I can't wait to read more from that amazing lady.

  3. I read the same post, and immediately felt convicted. You're right, if McCain had won, my attitude would be one of proud respect, and I would expect everyone else to be respectful, as well.

    I realized today that he is there by God's permission, and we are to pray for him as our leader. If we as Christians don't pray for him, how can we expect any good to come from his leadership?

  4. I was pretty bummed too. Then I just decided to move forward. I still have crazy bouts of worry - and I even had this (this is bad) scheme plotted out in my head today where Obama was actually trying to kill America. He used his words to trick everyone and then killed the people who got him where he is. I know that ridiculous. I have a wild imagination though.

    I am going to remain hopeful and trust that everything will work out! I really want to hug McCain though. Like super bear hug

  5. While I did not vote for our new president elect, I am now praying for him and his family. I am praying that he will indeed follow through and bring about a sea of postive change.

  6. Wow. You bring up some really good points which is not only worthy of applaud but also especially great because you have written this at a tough time for you. I really like your points. McCain gave a wonderful speech on Tuesday, and I heard so many boos and hisses from the audience when he referenced Obama. I hope we can all remember points like you have written. They are truly great, and I thank you.


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