Friday, December 26, 2008

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Sharing Life

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Good morning, and welcome to another week of ~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Fridays!!! I hope that you all enjoyed a most wonderful Christmas! I know that we have so far! We had a somewhat harrowing (at the beginning) yet thankfully uneventful drive out to Colorado to spend the holidays with my family. Thanks to my amazing hubby and the fact that we had another friend riding with us, I did not have to drive at all (which I greatly appreciated)!

I am so thankful for my fantastick husband this week! (I'm thankful for him all the time, but there's just something about Christmas that makes everything all warm and fuzzy, you know?) I am so appreciative that he brought me to Colorado to see my family for Christmas! This has been one of the greatest gifts for me! I have also been reminded very intensely of the blessing we have in the form of his financial savvy! Because of his skill in this area, and great blessing from the Lord, we are able to have and do and experience so many things that I never would have imagined possible! I also love how he is able to make people laugh in almost any situation! He is also so hand that he was able to fix my parent's vacuum, and my niece's (well my cousin's daughter's) Elmo doll :)

One moment of this past week really sticks out in my mind as a reason why my husband rocks! After the Christmas Eve service at my parents' church they had my grandparents and their new neighbors over for supper. Their neighbors moved to Colorado from Texas, and the wife is originally from Germany. They have led fascinating lives, and we had a great time talking to them. At one point they both stated that they sincerely enjoyed traveling alone - and had done so many times before they were married. Austin said that he would rather have someone to share it with, to which they responded that you take in so much more of the sights and culture when you are there alone. Austin's response just melted my heart: "I would rather miss some of that, and have someone to share it with." Later on we were talking about this, and he told me, "Life is meant to be shared!" I am so very grateful that he chose to share his life with me, and that I get to share mine with him! Thank you so much, hunnybear! I love you!!!

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Thanks for reading, everybody! Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. what an Austin thing to say! Gotta love that kid! :) Merry Chistmas dear! :)

  2. That is really sweet! I joined in this week and would love to in following weeks. :) This is a fantastic idea.
    I was finishing up my first post and scheduling it to post today and my husband "caught" me and wanted to read it. Well, he was just so completely touched that I saw him that way. It meant everything to him to hear me bragging on him behind his back (well, what was supposed to be behind his back!) :) So, thank you for this!

  3. How cool and sweet! Hope you have a good weekend. :)


  4. I would MUCH rather travel with my Sound Man than by myself! I agree with Austin!

  5. I think this idea is a great thing. Our husbands need all the extra encouragement they can get. I have my post up. Thanks for a great idea.


  6. Merry Christms, Katy Lin! Wishing many years of mistletoe and merriment for you and Austin!

  7. I totally agree! Life IS meant to be shared. I love that he said that to you.

    Best wishes for the New Year!

  8. Love this post! Love all your MHR posts and I have to say thanks again for setting the example of a loving and RESPECTFUL wife...a rare and true treasure, especially within our generation. So few of us were actually taught what it means to be a Proverbs 31 woman (I wasn't taught until later!), it's so refreshing and encouraging to see you and your ability to positively portray your marriage and encourage all of us to do the same! Blessing to you and your sweet hubby!

  9. What a great guy! I am sooo gald you got to see your family!! I hope it was wonderful!! Wishing you and Austin a very Happy New Year!!!

  10. Austin melted my heart with what he said about sharing life. I think it is very true - and its so much more fun for me to share the sites/culture with my husband than it is for me to go it alone. He really does rock - and so do you! I'm glad you all were able to spend Christmas with your family in Colorado. I bet it was sooo beautiful. I really want to travel there.

    Oh - and about the cookie recipe - I found it! I need to email it to you - its weird, but really good!

    Have a happy New Year!

  11. Thanks for promoting husbands! I love mine and I think it is great to focus on how great marrige can be and is!

  12. I forgot to leave my blogger address.


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