Friday, December 19, 2008

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ Christmas Letter

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Happy Friday everyone! One more weekend before Christmas!!! By way of announcement, I wanted you all to know that I will not be posting a prompt next Thursday (Christmas Day), but I will most likely be posting on Friday (unless things get crazy with family, lol)! I hope you all have the most wonderful and blessed Christmas, adn I cannot wait to read all about your celebrations!

I decided that I want the actual letter contents to be private between Austin and myself (sorry to anyone who was dying to read it, lol), but here's my inspiration list :)

~ He takes an interest in the things that I enjoy
~ He is as cute as can be!
~ He protects me and he is concerned about my well-being
~ He is very observant and thoughtful!
~ He is outgoing and friendly
~ We have so much fun being silly together!
~ He is a wonderful spiritual leader
~ He is a man of principal anc conviction
~ He is absolutely, 100% genuine
~ He takes good care of me by being very responsible with our finances
~ He is such a hard worker
~ He has many skills, and is willing to teach me - even when I'm a slow learner
~ He is hillariously funny

These are just some of the many reasons why my husband rocks! :) Hope you enjoyed our little trip down memory lane!

Austin also rocks because, this week we have been having some minor issues with our car that I drive most of the time. The battery has been giving us fits, so in the midst of his busy week, Austin took the time to contact the dealership, pick up a new battery, find out that that battery was the wrong one (even though the dealership told him that they only had one option for our make/model), call the dealership again and get them to order the right battery, pick it up (all the way in Des Moines), and install it!

During this process, my car needed to be plugged into a charger so that it would start in the morning. Becuase of the electrical outlet situation, this meant that it needed to be parked right next to the garage (about 75 feet away from our back door), so Austin not only went out to start it for me in the morning, but also took the time to move it so it was right next to the back door and I did not have to walk very far at all :) He's a sweetie!


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Thanks for reading, everybody! Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Today's our anniversary! I like your idea of a letter, but I too, will keep that between my dh and myself. :)

  2. Yeah, I kept the details out of my post, too. : )

    I have so enjoyed reading about your growing relationship with Austin. After being married for almost 14 years, I can say that if you allow it to, your relationship only grows deeper. Hard to believe, I know, but it's true!

  3. I like the letter idea. My post today is kind of silly, but you can see for yourself here.

  4. OH I get it! Inspiration on THURSDAY! Husband Rocks on Friday! Duh! :)
    Ok, I'm up! Just scroll now:)

  5. I just found your blog, I don't know where actually, but I LOVE IT! I am going to start the MHR too! I will start after Christmas. You have a lot of inspiration and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  6. Hi Katy Lin...great list of memories for yer hubby! :) Hope you have a good weekend. Thank you for stopping by. I love it when you do. (And thanks for the cookie recipe email game - loved it!) :)


  7. So sweet!!! What a great husband, and wonderful of you for your posts!!! I'm sure he fully appreciated that letter!!!!!



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