Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random Thoughts . . .

Ok, trying to plan my week a little bit, and I'm super excited.


I'm doing my "fall cleaning" this week, so I'm getting all of my to-do lists in order, and planning what I'll do when. I am definitely not a born-organized homekeeping whiz, so I'm doing a speed version of Sarah Mae's 31 Days to Clean between now and Friday (I'm doing 8 days today, Wednesday, and Thursday, and 7 on Friday :)). That means days 1 through 8 today. I've done most of them before, so I'm using my same priorities list, mission statement, etc. I'm mostly using it as a blueprint of where to clean/organize/declutter and in what order. I'll let you know how it goes!

I'm also very excited to try out some new recipes for tomorrow's Birthday Tea Party at Jan and Tom's Place! Tune in tomorrow for my fall-themed Apple Tea Party :)


Speaking of Jan & Tom's Place, today is Come to Jesus . . . and Pray. I am always encouraged by visiting their site, and Sarah at Burgeon who participates on a regular basis.

Also, I'm looking into this whole "Mystery Shopping" gig. Anyone have any experience with this? Is it just a hoax or does it really pay? I don't know . . . Sorry to be so random :)

Happy Tuesday everybody!

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  1. I love the beautiful leaf pictures. Unfortunately the leaves don't change like that here. :( I remember that in Oklahoma, I loved this time of year. Now my allergies get all crazy here in the south this time of year, not fun.

    If you find anything out about the mystery shopping let me know too. I'v looked into it a bit, but all the companies I've seen, you have to pay them to get started and that just doesn't make sense to me.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs from Georgia,
    Amy ;)

  2. I've looked into mystery shopping before and it kinda sounds like a scam.. but i could be wrong!! I met a girl that had a friend that does that so maybe SOME companies are safe to be with.. Good luck!! let me know what you find out.. Sorry i'm not much help!! Have fun with cleaning... i need to go thru everyone's clothes.. kids are growing up too fast! :( Thats my "fall" cleaning..

  3. Where are you having your tea party? I'd love to go to a tea party, I just love tea but I don't realy like to dreass up that much I' kinda shy you know?. But anyways. have a nice one.

  4. Hi Katy Lin,

    I'm trying to play catch up.

    I have heard from a friend that the mystery shopping thing is a scam. I don't know for sure but I thought I would pass it on.

    When you are done cleaning, come on over. I could use a little help-hehe.


  5. Gorgeous photos!!! I just finished cleaning the house for my inlaws who arrived this afternoon. I also made two yummy meals. Lentil soup and Pork Tenderloin with sweet potatoes and stuffing. They loved the Lentil soup. Keep your fingers crossed the PT will turn out just as well. The soup recipe is on my post from today if you want another good one.

  6. I have done mystery shopping (dining) through Mystery Guest Inc. Several years ago, I also got in with Captain D's to mystery shop, but I quit because they sent me there every week. LOL! One can only eat so much fried food. :) Mystery Guest has limits on how often you can go, but they send you to great restaurants. Email me if you want to know more about them. I looked at some other companies, but they wanted too much personal info and I was afraid to try them. The FTC has info on finding legit mystery shopping companies: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/mysteryalrt.shtm



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